• Philip K Dick. One of THE most imaginative authors of Sci-Fi of the Golden Age and beyond... but who knew he wrote poetry, as well?? OK, maybe not great poetry, but still. And they're short. So there's that, too. :grin:

    alt text

    These came from Child’s Hat, which was published in San Francisco in 1966. Enjoy!


    Soft as tin,
    Melting in the rain,
    Melting and dripping down,
    Soft as stones that are limp,
    That can be bent into shapes
    And stretched out,
    Soft as bones,
    Mashed into paste,
    Mixed with pale milk,
    Soft as crystal,
    Dug from sweet soil,
    Slowly stirred,
    It is soft as these:
    The moon on a warm wet night.


    Stung by a jewel!
    Piercing the hand,
    Clinging against the flesh.
    Stung by a jewel!
    The point deep into the hand,
    Driven in allowed.
    Stung by a jewel!
    The child shouts out,
    Shattering the jewel.
    Amber bottle-caps rain down,
    Fragments of grief
    Lost in the ground.


    Philosophy is an old web
    Long deserted, The dreams
    The spider wove into it
    Glimmer weakly during night
    In the sun they are only this:
    Fragments of dread leaves.

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