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    Letter to Evil

    This night upon a dark sky, I call for a trade
    A trade of which is fair, in necessity and justice
    A trade for your punishment, for the carnage you've made
    A request for your abandonment of your attempts for her to trust this

    You've grown unaware of the acts you have committed
    May you be reminded of your crimes which were cowardly at all times
    The way you just so happened to stumble across "The One"

    The girl you may call yours is the girl we call destruction
    She's lost in all of her thinking, blindsided with disruption
    She still begins to hurt, from pains that won't go away
    She feels her mind corrupted, for your image can never decay
    She sees you in her clothes, her words, and her thoughts,
    She sees you as a captor
    Of her soul, you once fought

    You've done more damage than any ever will
    You've made yourself clear, that bonds you make can kill
    Your words are a poison, taken as a pill
    Prescribed daily, without payment
    Forgetting is no easy skill

    Why have you done this, I still question myself
    You've stripped her of her values,
    Removed her from top shelf
    You've become disgusting, I hope you never do this again,
    For the next girl you destroy,
    May she destroy you, times ten


  • This is an addition to my Letter to series of poems, I hope you enjoy and all critiques are welcome.

  • amazing!!! It's so great I really enjoyed It.

  • @pardis2001 thanks!!