• You treat me like Aphrodite
    Venusian goddess rising
    Pearled milky foam
    Like clotted cream speckling my lite skin

    We tumble 'cross the bedsheets
    Hair pooling around me
    Tasting each other
    Briny saltwater and Earth
    Mingling sweat and it-has-been-far-too-long kisses

    And I shall never claim another lover
    As I have claimed you
    And I shall never be with another
    With as much reckless, unbridled
    Abandoning as I have you

    You treat me like Aphrodite
    Shield me from rain
    With your protective arms
    Smelling of clean lavender

    You drink from me as if
    You were Bacchus
    Drunk off my honeyed lips
    Like it was fragrant wine

    Drink, my love
    Drink and be merry
    Lay your head on my lap
    Let me run my fingers through your
    Sunflower-streaked curls
    Let me kiss love and loyalty
    Into your mouth
    Let it be a contract

    Love me like Aphrodite
    @Wicked too long away from each other

  • Gods yes @Cosmic_Lady its been far too long. My soul aches, my heart yearns, my mind is spinning and my body wants. I need you more than I can say with words. It’s not something that can be explained but it’s something that can be felt and seen. Separation is like water that I’m slowly sinking into, fighting clawing my way to the surface against encroaching despair. Only your words your prescience will keep the wolves at bay keep my from curling in on myself keep me moving. Simply said I need you

  • Monday’s, amiright?

  • @NiaRox silly