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    Hi there!
    Guys, I wonder how do you keep memories of your loved ones? Photos, videos?

  • I personally like to write things down. I'm a very forgetful person due to past trauma, so I know that if I don't document it in some way, the memory will vanish without a trace after a while. When writing things down, I like to write about the feelings and small gestures too, just the things that will help me remember the moment as well as the emotions connected to it. And if you have pictures, it would be even nicer to add them in too.

  • I have my little sisters ashes. Anytime I see them I think of a memory. She died 2 years ago. She was 11.

  • @Derek-Mitchel Personally, I've never been a very visual person. Pictures and such aren't that important to me. My dad was a serious music fan, and he shared his love of music with me. For me, memories regarding past people, times, even places, or seasons come to mind when playing certain songs.