• Today I accidentally remembered how I celebrated the new two thousand and ninth year. It all took place near the Lviv Opera House, where a big monitor was installed, and it showed the countdown: 29, 28, 27...

    I was together with Irynka -- a beautiful, very good young lady, to whom I will do an unspeakably painful thing in a month or two and won't ever forgive myself (till now), but at that moment we both knew nothing about it and were sincerely happy with the beginning of the two thousand and ninth.

    For some reason I don't remember if it was snowing then; probably it was.

    In a few minutes after the midnight -- already in the new year at that time -- me and Irynka somehow managed to find an uncrowded cafe. It was a so-called "Old tram" -- a coffee shop inside a real old-school tram, which stood near the monument to Danylo Halytsky back then. Surprisingly, it worked, and we ordered some coffee cocktails to sit with them for a few more hours and still not meet anyone else inside. It was a wonderful and peaceful time, when it seemed to me, that the road to a personal future was surprisingly flat.

    …And a little earlier, when the two thousand and ninth had just arrived, I called to my that-time-boss - the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Youth of Ukraine", where I used to work as head of the department and a journalist. We congratulated each other, wished a lot happiness and many years of work together further on.

    In fact, we did not succeed in that work together. It's a pity, you know. And the road of life turned out to be much more complicated, than it seemed at the time. It's a pity too.

    Something scared me in that memory of mine...



    It was about different me, different Lviv, different reality; another world, another life, another dimension…

    If more than twelve years ago from now someone had told me that the future would be SUCH A MESS (in all senses), I would never believe. Everything has changed now, every single aspect of life -- but at the same time there is a lot of stability, although even it is changeable, no matter how strange it sounds.

    And how often do you suddenly think of something like that and compare: "Me now" -- "Me back then"?

    P. S. You may see the Lviv Theatre of Opera and Balet on the photo below.