Hows your outlook on life is the glass half full or half empty

  • Just looking to see how many different outlooks on life i general are

  • Gamers

    it's really both, I couldn't choose if you'd ask me to.
    the world is just filled with beautiful & horrible things, I always wonder how we keep living our lived knowing that right now someone is being either murdered, raped, or falling in love and having the best time of their lives ya know.
    It can be a dark thought sometimes and I feel like I'm a bit too young to be thinking these reaaaaly complex stuffz but I still do because I just can't ignore the fact that everything and nothing is happening at the same tiiiime.
    aish laif is craji mahn i'm tellINg yu

    okay thx for taking ur time to read this, i'm gonna eat some chicken nuggets now.

  • @chim-chim thank u for someone who does not like thinking about these thing u can tell that u have clearly thought it out nore than once

  • @scott-xaiver No problem :)
    Just my tip for you~ don't think about these things too much, it can mess your mind up from time to time lol :)

  • I'd see it as the cup of glass can be easily broken if someone bumps into it or the wind pushes it off the table, there is no use trying to force yerself to look at it from any angle since life can change at any moment