• I thought maybe this 'place' could do with a memory dump section. Y'know. Just random memories. The kind that are too boring or self-indulgent to bring up in a conversation, but at the same time, they're unique, and if you don't look after them, all those moments will be lost in time like tears in the rain. Eh?

    Here's some I dredged up from my mindhole:

    • 198? On a school trip to Bristol Zoo, I noticed my mam had included some bananas in my packed lunch. Why, since I didn't particularly like bananas? Obviously she put em in so I could FEED THE CHIMPANZEE.

    • 199? One time, I had a girlfriend and a thing that I did was, while I was out for a walk, I'd write her name in the dirt on road signs, so that she'd see it and laugh at how someone would do something so stoopid.

      1. There was a heck snowstorm, and my boss agreed to let us all go home early. I drove off, but instead of going home, I parked in town and watched Django Unchained, knowing all along that I might get snowed in to the cinema. After the film, I decided to walk home through the blizzard, but cutting across some fields (because what farmer is going to be out in the snow, to tell me off for trespassing?). I crossed these big valleys, jumped these little streams. At one point, I saw a huge gang of deers and they looked at me like, "What?"


    roy batty.jpg

  • @Indrid-Cold Sorry, hard disk already wiped (I have a bad memory :shrug:). But maybe a dream will remind me tonight :yum:

  • I once put a boiled chicken breast in a blender, blended it, then drank it.
    It was gross.

  • @SynapticMisfire That's as good as being a vegetarian, m8. If you can't tell what creature it was, no foul, no crime.

  • Oh and since we're adding to the memory dump, I got really drunk last night and when I woke up a few hours ago there was lettuce eveywhere, shredded lettuce and hamburger buns on the floor and on the couch, Apparently I ate just the meat and had Oceans Eleven running on netflix.

  • @SynapticMisfire Well, as long as you donate the lettuce and the bun remnants to a food bank, and carefully reappraise Oceans 11 on IMDB and Letterboxed, you'll still be able to get into Heaven, my friend.

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