Childhood toys...

  • What're the childhood toys that stick in your mind, EXCLUDING ACTION FIGURES, FILM AND TV MERCH? Eh?

    I remember, I had:

    • A little chrome trumpet that shone like spilt petrol on a garage forecourt, but ALAS I didn't grow up to be the white Louis Armstrong.

    • A weird die-cast spaceship that my Auntie brought me back from Japan, which nowadays a kid would instantly poke his eye out with and sue her.

    • Up the alleyway, was a DANK fruit and veg shop which left cardboard boxes out to rot on the pavement, but the edges were reinforced with bits of plastic, which I took off and used as spaceships.

    • Mexican jumping beans, which I believed to be SUPERNATURAL ala the Moving Stones of Death Valley.

    • Teddy-wise, I had 'Fergie', a sheep dog, a promotional bear in a blue T-shirt advertising milk (ironic, since Mrs Thatcher had recently banned milk), and 'Super Ted' --NOT merch from 'Super Ted' the TV show, but a home-made lad that my mum had liberated from a hospital playroom while working as a nurse.

    Anyway. It's important to share these memories innit?


  • Hella Assassins Global Moderator

    @Indrid-Cold I have two siblings, all boys so I grow up playing their toys like all sorts of gun from water gun to aka real one, all miniature toy soldier armies and balls..During elementary I played chinese garter, jackstone and pick up sticks lol.. I dont have girls kids stuff like dolls,kitchen set toys or make up kit but I have lots of teddy stuff from small to bigger ones human size.

  • @Bela-Hella I was always fascinated by the Chinese garter, and skipping and that. It's like, even as kids, we wanted to test how fast we were in case it was The Matrix.

    Never played jacks, tho. Might be too ouchy if you sat on one.

  • Hella Assassins Global Moderator

    @Indrid-Cold I forgot to mention the skipping rope and hullahoops.. It was so nice to be kids when we dont have to worry of anything but play with playmates, get fight and peace in a minute..

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