• There is a guy in my college. I have a huge crush on him. We sometimes have same classes and during those classes he stares at me. I stare right back into his eyes (just for a second though).
    I think he likes me too but i'm confused. This has been going on for a looooooong time now. No one has made a move yet.
    I will graduate soon (fingers crossed) and might not see him again. What should i do? (Making the move first is impossible, so is there any other way i can persuade him to make the move?)

    P.S: we don't really talk to each other.

  • The biggest regrets you will have in life are the things you didn't do, you could try the flirting round other guys but that might make him think you aren't interested.

    It's possible that he likes you but is simply to nervous to make the first move, put your number on a bit of paper, hand it to him and simply say 'call me' and walk away, or just do nothing and miss out, good luck.

  • @Pepsigurl
    this is the worst advice I've ever heard

    This is how it works maybe in movies (or it's done by whores)

    if he stares at you and doesn't talk to you, he's probably shy and by starting to get around other boys you won't help him

    If he's not shy, he'll probably think you're a whore if you flirt with others and then with him again.

    If he doesn't mind, he's an idiot and you should leave him

    Sometimes the girls just have to take the first step - talk to him and (for sure in privacy) tell him you like him (and it will work out somehow)

    Personal advice - start by telling him that you like him (and keep it there for some time) and not by "having a crush on him and that you love him", etc.
    Btw I say this from my experience and how I would behave towards such behavior and a declaration of love

    I lost the girl I loved because I was shy and the fact that she started dating others didn't give me courage
    I regretted it a lot and it hurt for a long time
    In the end, I said to myself that I must not be so serious and express my feelings as soon as possible and not be disappointed with the failure.
    However, there are so many people who haven't realized it yet (maybe they won't even realize it at all)

  • Thanks for all the advice

  • Chocolate Lovers ;)

    You should start ignoring him...And flirt with other boys(especially his friends).....Do this thing for one week....This will indirectly tell him to make the first move or he will lose you....If he wants you, he will surely propose you soon....

  • @Tomáš-Karban welcome to adulthood and dating for men lol. Get used to rejection

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