Please we ought to make peace with the fact that there're certain things about some of us that'll never add up. Ok????

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    Re: Need helping finding skincare
    WARNING This post is not a substitute for formal diagnosis, physical examination or prescription and should not be used to treat any skin disorder. Do not ignore or delay to obtain advice from skin experts because of this crap. We're not sure if @cold-sun's a normal being and has perfect brain functionality. Pliz see professionals in person if you looking for perfect skin care. ok??
    Says who????kDOFuYt.gif BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH MEHE:)))))))

    I believe every user in this site has unique structure and skin is one of the things that varry across different people. We're all beautifully and handsomely made intercepted by skin tones. So before fuckin around with any cosmetic, go for skin testing to discover your skin type. There's dry, oily and sometimes concoction of both.
    Dry skin appears more pale sometimes blessed with good looking whiteheads and holds make-up for long giving one ghostly look😭😭😭 awwww it ok Don't worry there's a remedy for that. Besides Aloe-vera, chicken shit works too ok??? yes so feel free don't be shy apply daily for ideal results. Hey!!! ensure uniform distribution ok??? I've never try lmao don't be dumbS9VH30a.gif
    Coming to oily skin,20200923_182723.gif
    This is more vulnerable to pimples and white heads if oil isn't distributed equally under the skin, so some areas tend to dry up appearing on outside as whiteheads or sometimes pimples. I gat ue I gat ue don't worry too🤣🤣🤣. Cow dung's perfect blessing for that ok????😏 You want smoother, shiny and pimple free skin isn't it?? Yeah so take that in your schedule too.
    Thank me later.

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    OMG fear

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    @Cold-Sun Wow.. Well stated and,, Wow. that was complete.

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