• Ummm....some sort of cream...or facewash or specail soaps....or lotions or tablets

    I use Special Soap, a gel bar on my face, a dark spot reduction cream, and two tablets(some sort of blood purifiers idk) bcoz i m undergoing a skin treatment, my doctor consulted those

    So u do something with ur skin??...lotions ?? Or facewashes???

    If not then gtfo from here noob.....its important
    Take care :)
    Heres a gif of an adorable girl :)

  • Banned

    Of course, there are a lot of gels and soaps which prevent acne and I recommend you to read the Korean scheme of skincare, it is really advanced there. When it comes to anti-age care and fight against wrinkles, the situation gets more difficult. Many people advise Plexaderm as a useful means against it but I have never tried it myself.

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