I'm tired of my boyfriend

  • My boyfriend has anger issues and I'm sick of it but can't bring myself to end the relationship. We are currently on vacation. Yesterday we were at the bar and the bartender brought him the beer he ordered and he got angry that he didn't get the full glass of beer (just for perspective, he ordered 0,5 and got 0,45l.) I think he made a scene after that but he doesn't think so because in his word he didn't curse or insult anyone. He started to yell at the bartender that he was ripping him of. The friend that we were with told that me that he was acting like an as*****. He started to look at the receipt to see if they were running the bar illegally. We agreed with our friend to meet at another bar. I told my boyfriend I was feeling uncomfortable and that I wanted to go home. i tried to voice my opinion to him on the beer thing and he started to yell at me that I was against him , that I wanted him to sit there and do nothing while he was being ripped of. All I wanted to say to him is that I thought he could have handled the whole thing differently, but as per usual he wouldn't listen. So I just turned around and left because it was obvious he would just keep talking over me. This is another thing that he does that really bothers me. There is no way I can have conversation with him. He constantly talks over me and yells at me. And finally when I get a chance to say something he tells me he doesn't want to talk anymore and to leave him alone. So this morning he countined to yell at me. Told me that we were going to that bar with a measuring cup or that I can pack my things and go home. He even slammed and locked the doors while I was outside. He told me if I ever do something like that again and disagree with him we are over. I am just so sick of him. And the best thing is that today is my birthday and all I wanted was some peace and quiet. I don't know what to do anymore I feel like I am trapped.

  • @Petra-Pan Hey! This doesn't sound like a healthy relationship. You have tried to explain to him and talk to him and he isn't willing to do anything about it. You need to get out of this relationship before things get any worse. I don't want to see you getting hurt any more. No matter how difficult it is to breakup with him you need to do it. Considering he has anger issues maybe try breaking up with him in a public place or where there are people around to help you if his anger gets out of control. Remember, you are doing this for you. Love your self and you know what you need. I'm here if you need to chat 🙂 ❤

  • @Petra-Pan If you value yourself, leave now, it's not worth staying.

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    You know im sick of the guy too! I got to many reasons to list them here but im here for support if need be.

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    @Petra-Pan oh wow first of all happy birthday. 2nd just dump his idiot ass. I used to have a girlfriend like that. She never let me have any opinions different from her and when i did i had to deal with her anger. Couldnt tell her she was wrong when she obviously was. Trust me it feels so refreshing when you are free of that person and can actually have peace and just be yout self and have some respect. Just leave him and never ever think he would change.

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    @Tatyana-Bonos hey follow me.

  • @KaViNdU k, just did

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    @Tatyana-Bonos thanks got it.

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    let's talk..

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    @Petra-Pan honestly if you have to tell your life issues to us and not him i think we are already better boyfriends. He will not snd can not change. Just save your self and get your respect back

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    True, that doesn't sound like a healthy relationship. ...but wtf, you do see all red flags clear as a day. I'm on the team "dump his ass" 'cause people like that don't change. Please, make yourself a priority for now.
    Be ready for a heated argument instead of a breakup, unless you literally ditch him by a text or something. However bad it may look, make your safety and psychological comfort a priority - especially, when he's verbally abusive to you.
    With the door slamming - I'd be scared that things could even result into physical violence, so please do NOT waste your precious time and mental health and dump his ass.
    Best of luck!

  • @Petra-Pan it's bad but at the same time it's funny tho😂😂

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  • It sounds horrific mate and totally controlling. He should hear you, listen to you and value what you have to say. I don't want to say leave him because I don't know your relationship but if he can't even listen then you need to look out for number 1. Xx

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    @Petra-Pan If possible please send us a pic of his legs.

  • @Petra-Pan is not seeing if the bar was illegally run just missing the overall point? What would be the point of doing that? Is that just to make himself feel better? Because yeah I did that, but they’re doing something wrong too.

  • @Petra-Pan Wow I don't even know where to start but I can say this only because at one time I was that guy. Things will only get better if you stop accepting the disrespect an all together remove yourself from the relationship not even saying give it up but give it space and I mean real space. You have to let him know how is actions are effecting you. Words don't work all the time you have to show some people. A person never appreciate things until there gone. Your in my prayers

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