• Yes I m tired to try, now enough. and want to leave T.W.S.

    You people are awesome, good luck all of you. I wish your dreams come true and achieve what ever you expected.

    Try to post quality contents if possible. I found more than 60% posts are meaningless (may be i m wrong). Suppose adult users utilize this site then human problems can be solved easily.

    So post queries/issues/problems and share the solutions if possible. This is my point of view, at end Your Life Your Posts :) .

    I think this is only site which allows under-18 and above-18, so adult users share their experience to kids. Or post useful contents for the kids/other visitors.

    Well i m tired to try, some users never want to understand and they continue with their rude attitude. Well Her Life Her Attitude. But My Life My Decision, and i have decided to leave a site.

    Now enough, thank you, Bye Bye :)

  • @_ajay_
    Best Decision of your Life. :)