• My bf betrayed my trust... so profoundly... I love him, he was so thorn to see the pain and disappointment in my eyes... he hated himslef so much... But the truth is it hit me hard... I'm so broken inside... I told him I'm ok... but I'm not. I thought we had a special, deep bound... I was so sure...I was so thankful and proud to have him...

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    There's a point in a relationship, after a fuckup that we should ask ourselves if we can forgive that said fuckup. It might take a while till you do it, but you gotta make sure u are ready to forgive it and try to let go. If you do, you'll end up having that spite and negative feeling ruin the relationship. A relationship is a rowing boat for 2, if only one is rowing it won't go anywhere! 😄

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