• My dad told us he was going to be married and this was something that my siblings and I were looking forward to because ever since mom died, dad had always been devastated and drunk. We went to the airport to pick up his fiance. When I saw her, I thought she was the daughter of my dad’s fiancee but she is actually his fiance. I admit, she’s very young for my dad but hey, if it’s what he wants then we’ll just have to let it be. I thought she was going to live under the same roof but my dad temporarily rented an apartment for her. I was wondering why he should spend extra money for the rent when she can stay with us. My dad explained that it has something to do with culture. I guess Thai ladies are not allowed to move in to their partners’ houses until marriage. When the wedding took place and she finally moved to our house after, I came to know her more. She’s kind and very fun to talk with. She has an incredible sense of humor and a great cook. Months passed and I found myself going back home as early as possible to see her. Whenever she’s not around, I look for her. There was this one time she had a vacation with my sister in Thailand for a week. A day later, I was in the airport about to board a plane to Thailand. I know this is somewhat crazy. Even I find it crazy because she’s my stepmom for Pete’s sake! I don’t know man, I just can’t help myself when it comes to her. Am I really in love with her? Any advice you can give me?

  • Anyone in here that can help me about this situation of mine what should I do? Please give me some advice guys!!

  • hell naw😂 tbh i think you should Leave your step momma alone before you ruin the relationship you have with your father.

  • @mr-rightguy You can't let what you feel ruin everything. Just somebody else. Sweep that thought or feelings that you have rn.

  • oh hell!. don't allow your self to fall to your stepmom it will ruin everything. Think your father of what he feels when he knew that. try to look for other girl or shall I say date another girl to distract your feelings to her.

  • @mr-rightguy You're not in love man, you're just being infatuated because she's really attractive. Just find yourself an equally attractive woman and I'm sure you'll forget about her.

  • If she’s hot try and fuck her. It’ll probably be the best sex you ever have and when she leaves your dad y’all can bond over conversations of what a whore she was

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