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    So do you guys have a reason why you are or aren’t voting for Trump 2020? Please don’t start a war in the comments. If we can’t even talk without starting a fight, we’re only proving how America is so divided. A person’s entitled opinions doesn't inherently make them inferior or superior here since everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

    I’ll go first; I’m not voting for Trump because he can not control his mouth or tweets. His constant remarks and shots at people is a little immature and not needed as a representative of an entire nation

  • @Scottish Regardless of my opinion, it's that sort of hateful talk that starts arguments in the comments simply because your language is aggressive. part of the whole idea of sharing opinions is that you stay diplomatic. Ad hominem attacks shouldn't be a part of politics.

    anyways, appreciate the insight regardless

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    well, i'm definitely not gonna vote for trump. he's proven himself to be incredibly immature, uninformed & divisive. i wouldn't say we're better off than we were 4 years ago. in many ways we're worse off. we're more divided than ever and trump's done nothing but to add more fuel to the fire.

    i'm not sure i'll be voting for biden either tho, since he's not exactly a very inspiring figure. tbh i'm still pissed off that yang didn't make it. he would've been perfect for the job

  • @HerpusMcDerp hey, I'm not against anyone on this site, just have a healthy disregard for Donald Trump. Our politicians should be criticised and held to account. Hitler was only stopped because people spoke up and acted. You know? Neutrality isn't always the best way to go

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    We could argue about Trump’s policies and legislations he made, but those legislations are effective for some people more than others and that’s okay. Legislations do that. What concerns me most is his general attitude.
    He comes off as a man who doesn’t have America’s interests at heart, only the interests of people who support him. He hired his staff, claiming them to be the best, then fired them while shooting off badmouthing remarks about them. That doesn’t sound like a man who inspires a ton of loyalty! Several instances he’s shown his ignorance of what Presidential powers he has and doesn’t have, and has shown his “I’m the President and I should do anything I want” is the default response to those situations. To me, this man doesn’t know what he’s doing and doesn’t really care to find out. He has an agenda and he’s going to push it regardless of what his counsel (or maybe worse, America) says.

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    Even tho I'm from the UK I honestly just don't like trump and there is a lot of reasons why but it's best if I not say lol

  • @NiaRox My 'opinion' (that's the key word, opinion haha) is that his work to develop the economy and create jobs was really successful, up to the covid situation. Coming out of college, had it not been for that, the market was ripe for my graduating class, and that was pretty awesome. The fact that he shakes up the media is interesting to see, and has somehow managed to actually accomplish things despite everyone else dragging their feet is impressive. Those are the good points...

    As for the other side, since we're mostly a two-party country, I don't see anyone other than a republican or a democrat winning the election, so if Trump doesn't win, that means Biden and his VP are in. Judging by his talks and attitude, I'm not convinced Biden is mentally capable of running the country, he seems like he's ready to retire. So aside from my disagreeing with his politics, I think voting for Biden means voting for his VP, andddd in general I don't tend to agree with that party, so I'm assuming I won't agree with his VP haha.

  • fuck trump

  • @sarah_the_magpie gotta use your vote Sarah, my mum drummed that into me (women DIED to achieve this, don't disrespect their memory by not voting)

  • @NiaRox fuck donald trump, sexist, juvenile, trouble making, blame throwing absolute arse of a man. It hurts me that his mum was Scottish, what the fuck did she teach him? Certainly not the traditional socialist stuff from here. I'm so glad that when he tried to throw his financial weight about here we told him to fuck off (he wanted to destroy a protected area of outstanding natural beauty in order to make a hotel and golf course) didn't like it that we told him to do one. Stupid tantruming overgrown horrible child.I can't imagine what it's like having him as your "leader", we jad so many protests about him here that he cancelled a state visit... Having him replace Obama is like going from a sweet kiss to sucking on a turd. Vote that motherfucker out. I understand that voting is usually voting for the lesser of two evils but he's definitely the greater one. An absolute embarrassment internationally, the whole of Europe thinks he's a dangerous clown


  • @HerpusMcDerp imagine comparing trump with hitler🤣🤣

  • @Scottish I understand that, especially if people are criticized regardless of their political affiliation. I just get tired when the left criticizes only the right and the right only criticizes the left, people make mistakes on both sides. :D

  • @Nejo86 and yet in Europe we fear him as the man most likely to cause another world war

  • @Scottish I don’t love the guy but I think if it wasn’t for him the world would be at war with North Korea and he eliminated isis

  • @HerpusMcDerp absolutely, i cringe watching our politicians here, it's just mud slinging childish nonsense, trying to look better than the other side when actually what they should be doing is working together progressively to make a better world

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    @Nejo86 I feel I should point out that ISIS isn’t eliminated. They released an official statement a month or two back that they were postponing their terroristic activities in light of the coronavirus. They didn’t want to catch the “white man’s disease” as they say.

  • @NiaRox that might be true but there’s no denying their caliphate has been severely crippled, their top dogs have been all but wiped out

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