• all it taught me was i live in a land where:

    GREED is elevated, admired, propped up, and celebrated

    LIES are the norm and are spewed by men in power every day

    we are overseen by a BULLY in a suit who throws his weight around and tries to put the scare in people

    where the environment i live in means nothing as long as a corporation is allowed to make a buck

    this changed NOTHING for me about this man. i DESPISE him and all he stands for. im not the biggest democrat fan, either. i think the people who have to choose from is a joke. all old white men! i would give my nod right now to ANDREW YANG! read about him. he actually has alot to say with meaning!

    anyway, i will not even bother voting this year. i am sad, disgusted, and jaded at all of it. i live in a world where the stock market celebrates propped up economies and rises and falls based on fucking TWEETS! not economic data, like it should be. i will live my life simple as i have been, watching the greed around me get bigger and the narcissm to grow stronger. and i will shake my head and remember what my bible says to keep me calm "in the end times, men will become lovers of money and themselves rather than lovers of God"

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