I wanted to take a minute to explain myself and apologize

  • I wanted to take a minute to apologize and explain myself for the things I said in my post last week. This will be a long post, if you don’t know what I’m referencing or if you don’t care, this isn’t the post for you. However if you are one of the really chill people I’ve had the pleasure of talking with or if you were someone who cared enough to comment on my last post, this may be for you.

    I wanted to start out by explaining myself and hopefully you’ll understand why I went off and wanted to rage quit the site.

    Before I get into it I feel like I should explain why I joined the site in the first place. I liked the idea of chatting on a platform that wasn’t linked to any of my social media our of privacy concerns. I liked the idea of being able to chat somewhat anonymously with other users just to kill time whenever I had down time at work. Which, when you’re working 8-10 hour shifts at night, the night can go by very slow. Between attending to my patients, doing rounds, charts, and the potential for an unexpected emergency situation to present itself, theres not much going on during the night shift. Aside from the various unsyncapated beeps of the machines, its pretty quiet at the nurses station. And I’m not into playing games on my mobile device, nor can I watch anything with the sound on, and after awhile watching with subtitles for a while it starts to put me to sleep. So I thought chatting could be something that would keep me engaged and entertained as a means of killing time with out compromising my responsibilities at work.

    Now listen, I know that as the owner of a vagina, I knew that joining the site I was bound to get a few messages from people that were only interested in conversation that was of a sexual nature and or i’d get an uninvited nsfw picture. Unfortunately its the harsh reality all women have to deal with on the daily online and in real life. You more or less develop a thick skin and brush a lot of it off. You pick and choose your battles. But after I joined the site it wasn’t just a few messages, it was a tidal wave of guys messaging me requesting pictures, wanting to sext, wanting phone sex, wanting to nsfw webcam, or asking for my social media. For every one message I would seriously get 10-15 individuals that would send messages that were sexual in nature for every 1 down to earth chill person. At first I ignored them, then some got rude when I told them I wasn’t interested, then I started getting sexually harassed by a number of them. Thats were I draw the line. I don’t put up with sexual harassment in my real life and I won’t put up with it online.

    As time went on, so did the onslaught of unwelcomed sexually explicit messages. My patience had worn thin. I lost my chill and said “fuck it, I’m done”

    Thats when I posted that farewell post.

    I didn’t use the site for a number of days before logging on to go about getting a permanent deletion, but i checked my messages and it so happened I had a message from a moderator. He took the time to reach out and address what i had been going through on the site, recommended some settings, and tips (such as reporting users by flagging them, blocking, and certain rooms I might want to avoid) that could improve my experience with the site. Something about that message left me chilled. I thought If this guy took the time to calmly and respectfully check up on me and offer solutions to my issues, then I at the very least owe it to him to at least give him the benefit of the doubt and give the site a second chance.

    I’ve set my profile to only accept messages from people I follow moving forward. I’ll fill out my profile interest later tonight along with a disclaimer in my bio stating I am not interested, nor will I participate, or entertain any manner of conversation that is sexually explicit in nature. Anyway, that it for me for now.

    So with that being said, I want to apologize to the site and anyone I upset with the post referenced above.

    I’m Sorry


  • this is why i still stck around. i have met about 5 people i would run hand in hand with acting weird to the world and not caring who looks. one of them is you. glad you stayed. the sexual garbage and even ANA coaches and adult diaper chasers just goes into a deeper issue with americans and their endless need for acceptance. but i cannot help people who REFUSE to help themselves. wanna go anorexic, fine. i urge you to look up the word COACHEXIA. then you might think twice. but i was raised by a good momma. i was taught to respect women. i have looked at my share of porn. im a fucking guy with a dick! im not gay. but i also know when and where and how to approach that shit. and to be honest, porn just gets boring. give me a hand to hold , a cuddle by a fire, romance damnit! anyway, to the crazies, im with her, dont mesg me. i am somewhat normal and i doubt we would hit it off. and to most of you guys talking to these "hot girls". ready for this? you have wasted your entire time on here talking and fawning over PREWRITTEN FUCKING BOT CODE! here's your sign :)

  • Yikes that sucks sorry you had that experience. That's why I go with the obscure pictures. I know you said you wont be accepting friends unless they're already established but I'm following you anyway you seem cool

    Oh and you're also a nurse!! High five

  • @Lindsey I do not know why guys have to be such idiots. A wonderful Chat without involving sex references is beyond me.
    I must be a rear find amongst the avalanche of crap that comes your way
    If you are bored and need a chilled out conversation then do please drop me a line
    Respect as always

  • @Littlelion12 hey thanks for reading. I appreciate your words. I'll be sure to give you a follow back

  • @Lindsey Girl, I can relate to this so much. I say "No thank you 😊" over and over and they continue. I really don't get it. I'm just glad at least in my experience there has been more normal people than not. I'm glad you stayed tho because you shouldn't let them get to you. You also shouldn't have to censor yourself when they don't. Thanks for speaking up and out for women like me! ❤️

  • @blue-eyes hey blue eyes, you know. . . I get it, I took a lot of psych classes that weren't part of my major because i was fascinated by how the mind works, apart of my courses was human sexuality 1 and 2. So I understand it's a part thats wired into everyone, impulses and desire, but i think it shows who you are if you're unable to exhibit restraint when it comes to that stuff. I'll be sure to send a follow your way. thanks for reaching out

  • @Gemini_Beta Hey thanks for commenting, Im glad and saddened to know I'm not alone. Like, these guys all have moms ya know, these guys know women, they have grandmas, moms, aunts, cousins, siblings, and some have daughters. What would the women in their lives think of some of the BS we've been subjected to, ya know? thanks, im going to try not to let it get under my skin

  • Hi my name is Pringle

  • @Lindsey There is a time and place for everything. Some over step the line and are not bothered by the way the other person feels. They are purely out to gain there Preferences and sometimes force it your way
    It sad how some people are towards each other
    I can hold my head up high and be a true gent
    Respect as always
    Drop us a line. Don’t give up some of us are genuine and respectful

  • @Lindsey 😊! Yaay

  • does anyone care?

  • @Littlelion12 muh vagina, like how long are women going to bitch about getting attention from men? Especially on online anonymous forums.

  • @m-y-s-t-e-r-y I have one too though and I'm straight. She just wants a normal conversation from what I gather

  • Well that's what happens when you put men and women together, the men hit on the women and the women choose their breeding partner. That's basically all life is.

  • @m-y-s-t-e-r-y I see your point. You're saying it shouldn't come as a surprise the nature of these forums since men being obnoxious isn't new and of course they'd be more aggressive in an anonymous chat.

  • @Lindsey I over readed it but i will read it when i find a lot more time later after working ! I will go on and replaying on your whole words you said and told and explained so good ! be sure i am not bored by your words and i just need time to take the things together you wrote down. I am hopeful to read from you again ! take care & stay healthy

    greetings from Japan

  • @Littlelion12 its like if i went to poor country dressed like richie mcdick waving around american dollars and dripping that thick saudi oil and drinking aqifani fugi water and all these poor people hound me and I act outraged at their behavior...

  • @Lindsey hey Lindsey I'm completely failing to see.why you're apologising. You did absolutely nothing wrong. Please tell me you realise you've done nothing wrong. It's cringey the way a.lot of guys run around like a.dog with 2 dicks and it's their responsibility not yours. Having said that I'm really happy you've dècided to.stick around. I hope you now have a better experience on here but trust me, setting your stall out and being clear about what you do and don't want will not be a deterrent to a certain type of guy on here