• Coition: The Making of Love

    I'll compose this moment with my darkest words —
    What the world prohibits me from telling.
    I'll speak not out my dramatic version,
    I'll speak not a word for selling....
    I'll keep them sacred, I'll keep you poised
    I'll breathe your breath throughout
    I'll let my pupils to dilate through yours
    I'll arrest myself before I'll pout!
    I'll let my lips coalesce through yours,
    I'll wish my tongue know your sacred drool
    I'll let you remove our duds and togs,
    I'll let you perceive my cool....
    I'll let you feel my dribbling sweat —
    As we shall cease from being apart,
    As and more we'll get into each other —
    We'll delineate the fusion of our hearts!
    We'll wait till the moment our emotions conjoin,
    We'll gently descry "ourself" as we'll knead —
    As and when we'll grope through each other,
    We'll disarm what we engrossingly need!
    I'll let my shoulders be buried through your armpits,
    As we'll hold each other fondly yet tight,
    I'll let your brilliant nipples dab over mine,
    Enthralling me poised through your sight!
    We'll let our souls exchange before they're one,
    Before you permit a part of me pierce into you,
    Before we're convinced we're different no more,
    Before these moments are reduced to a few....
    We'll steadily knead amplifying our pace,
    And reach the orgasm of our deep coition,
    As you'll place your bosom leaning over my chest,
    I'll thrust into your womb the elixir of my compassion....
    Then shall we live every bit of those moments,
    Then shall we desire a life together —
    A coitus so bottomless we'll make for ourselves,
    We'll quit not our lives before being in the nether!

  • Pandilla de Pandas Freedom Writers

    Wow, Anni. Just wow. Boldly fantastic 👏👏👏

  • @Gia28 Thank you so much😊 This is indeed the boldest of all my poems.... But I kinda loved my own creation after penning this piece. I wish the readers to feel the depth of intimate relationships rather than making it cheap and fragile.

  • Chocolate Lovers ;)

    Amazing poem

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