• All my life I have believed that religion helps sets a sense of hope and guidance of moral value. But what hope or value? Fear of burning in eternal damnation of hell?
    For Buddhist's ur punishment in hell correlates with sins u make on earth. For Christianity all u have to do is almost blindly really believe in Jesus, the holy trinity, and its an automatic express ticket to heaven.
    Isnt the purusation of doing good for goodness sake just to help make the world a better place, is the ultimate guide?like as a child growing up in a Christian family, I was more worried and stressed over the fact I couldnt believe in God, and that I would wind up in hell instead of doing good. Suddenly I feel like even though I knew really but was just too blind to see religion all this time was just used to suppress and indoctrinate people of who they wanna be and what they can truly achieve with the false impression that the only way to do "good" is to follow a set of hypocrtical rules and hiding sins under a facade in fear of judgement. Although tbh I really dk jack shit lol, would like to know ur experience with religion , ur thoughts and input also of the history of religion and how it has shaped our society, whether its more of a threat than a cure to world peace and character devolpment..

  • It's a difficult topic for me, because I can see some advantages of religion, giving people hope and some sort of reason but in the same time I can't forget how superficial religions are, all of them, but for example Christianity- it's a religion of love but what about crusades, what about mocking people for who they love? To me, a morally good person should put helping others before some book that has been written by a bunch of random people, mistranstated, misunderstood and used against innocent people, I think all of this causes more trouble than good honestly, but maybe it's not about the religion itself but how people execute it, I don't know

  • @Chicken-meat we should be aware when talking about Christianity and crusades and witch hunting, that's Catholicism ;) .
    What people do in the name of God is very different from what religion is, and i feel it's all thrown in a bit pot just because it's cool to be an atheist or agnostic. The first thing, for me is to understand that Christianity and Catholicism are not exactly always the same. I can be Christian and seriously dislike the work of Catholics. ;) Then, another option is studying it as the story it is, setting religion aside. But it's hard for most people not to get their ego involved.

  • @wonuwu same I didnt wanna add this part cos I thought it was too confusing even for me to understand what I was trying to say lol, ( definitely not because I think its profound but literally just winging it over the limited knowledge I have ) but I feel.overtime due to globalization and now the fact I can literally access any culture of people, any knowledge I could desire through the world wide web, ability to connect with so many different ppl, its almost like last time I used God as a self-reflection therapy, to not be deemed 'crazy' as you pretty much talk to yourself and seek for forgiveness in urself or for peace, to work through inner thoughts. And then like you said about the against gay love for religions like christianity and islam, seems like people also bend and make up rules along the way of what the bibles words mean how it is intrepretated as such, cos I know of churches that now fully accept gay love as "God loves everyone so we cant judge, and all love is acceptable as long as its consensual". Or something like that.

  • @Vanessa-Snow Isnt christianity a big umbrella term that spreads into catholicitsim and protestants?

    I used to think that too, but its hard not to generalize I guess when talking about such a complex matter, honestly the more I think about it, the more I find religion in this day and age serves little purpose in developing critical thinking and growth, when ur always stopped at the boundary that in the end for u to be in that religion you must believe. Discussing about it and questioning it is good tho.

  • @Chicken-meat it is, but what Catholicism did in the name of God was wrong. Actually, the wrong done in the name of religion is just that, wrong :laughing: That's why i said anyone wanting to know more should read the story, as a story and only then take their conclusion, free of judgement. No where in the bible does it say that God hates gay, however, Jesus does say to love everyone. Everyone .
    People like to pick and choose as they please. It's a really interesting topic, in my opinion, but so full of landmines hahah. It's impossible to speak of it and not p i s s someone, so great of you to actually post this. :+1:

  • I don't think questioning those things is just about being edgy, I'm just expressing my genuine concern. I've been brought up in a Christian (Catholic, sorry this time I'm being specific) household and I can see how much hypocrisy there is... Following the word of God and taking it to extremes can be extremely harmful, that's what bugs me about all of it.
    I rememeber my college lecturer once mentioning the famous Bible verse, 'no man should lie with another man' etc etc, and he basically brought up dozen of different, possible meanings of this sentence. People laying where, why, maybe they shouldn't be buried together? All in all, It's all about the interpretation. I wonder why people are so focused on this specific part of the bible and not the parts that forbid people to get tattoos or work on Sundays, which they do both of, and it's not a big deal for some reason. All of this is arbitrary and blurred, but still people take it against each other. I'm just rambling but all of those things makes me ask similar questions

  • @Vanessa-Snow no worries haha, although I dont agree with you on the catholic part, but definitely for the rest u made a solid point, thanks for the contribution 👍😀

  • Religion has the right idea in regards to the existence of God but the added fluff of dogmatism is unfortunate

  • @Rayse some dogs are indeed very fluffy

  • @Chicken-meat That's equivalent to asking if guns are good or bad. Or if knowledge is good or bad. They are each just things. Religion is neither good nor bad, it is just religion. A bible, a book, a story, belief, etc. They can not be good and they can not be bad. It is people that may be good or bad. Every religion is different and within different religion lies different people that have different interpretations and from that have different views and beliefs. The only good or bad that comes from religion is the way different people interpret it and how they determine to live with the information given. They can either make it beneficial to them, or do the opposite. The choice is there's to make, religion has nothing to do with it.

  • @Marcomarco okay the thing was all that was a whole lot of vague rubbish lol, like I know literally anything or anyone u cant just stamp good, or bad, I mean you can, but that would be taking the easy way out. But religion is so deep rooted in cultures, it effects so much of how a person is.

    Like the Gun argument, its in the 2nd ammendment right of an American to bear arms, and it shapes a more violent culture where things are settled with guns, while guns are completely forbided and against the law in a lot of countries like Japan for instance, where u must go through strict regulations to get one, in the most docile non violent countries.

    Although I understand the point ur getting at, like in the end of the day it is up to the person not the religion itself, but the religion itself greatly influences how u act and behave as a person, that forms the good or bad question.