• My parents seem to only think of me with errors, meaning I guess I'm the compliant proud son they thought I would be (I'm actually a very sophisticated child who doesn't invoke any bad behavior) and I can't take it anymore, what should I do.

  • @Blue-Blueberry
    Just carry on with your life. Listen to all the insults that the world has to give to you but try to appear brave. Don't budge down, Dont wilt under pressure...Oh buoy, don't you back down. Cry as much as you want in your damn room but don't show that weakness to any one else. And when you're done acting enough and you've taken all the abuses that they had to hurl, you'll realise that you've actually braved them and in the process of acting brave, you've actually become one.
    Either that, or it was just a "heat of the moment" post from you. It would have probably died down by now. In that case, go back to school. And make it the place where you rule.

  • Tell them how you feel

  • @Blue-Blueberry Other parents have a high amount of expectation for their children and nothing ever seems good enough. This is most common in the Asian culture and are often referred as "Tiger Parenting".
    Example1: Their son got A on their report card. Instead of getting praised they scolded him for not receiving an A+.
    Example 2: Daughter got a degree that she likes but still, parents are not happy because it's not the course they wanted for her to take.

    Although this type of example may not be true for most but the concept of it is very commonly practiced. Sometimes our parents see us as the embodiment of their ambition. That can lead to an unfair expectations that caused pressures. One thing is for sure, they just want what they think best for us. If you have done your best, if you really did- you just have to think of it as they love you enough and they want you to become better version of yourself. Perhaps, there are actually "mean" parents existing but you have to deal with it. You know what's right and wrong already and you know what to believe in either. If they've badmouthed you, never take it seriously and prove to them that they're mistaken.Show them that you got something for them to be proud of :)

    Hey! This is just part of growing up. This too shall pass and this part right now you are experiencing is just a training ground for you thrive in a real outside world. Take all the voices in your head into writing, that's a great mantra to soothe your soul atm. Distract yourself in a good way and cheer up! Everything will be alright at the end. :)

  • Do not care for them or their feelings as they do not care how you feel about this.

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