Whats ur political stance? Liberal, conservative, republican, communist, progressive,democratic etc etc?;

  • Dont take it too seriously lol, or do YEET.

  • Logic with empathy.. if it's acceptable. :)

  • There is of course only one reasonable political stance and that is:

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  • @Chicken-meat I am liberal and I believe that the State has to occupy itself with strategic points like Education, Security, Health and Economy, but with openness to the private initiative to create jobs and careers. Ronald Reagan has already said: "The best social program is employment." But I also understand and accept the development of social policies and their relevance to social development.

  • @Chicken-meat im more into a federal type of government. too much democracy will lead to irresponsible leadership.

  • @IM-NOT-HORMY well logic with morality lol, still the my general belief as of now seems that democracy is the way to go, although I've heard of anarchy capitalism where its a self run state based on free market.

  • @IM-NOT-HORMY are u implying that Im in support of pedophillia? Lol

  • @IM-NOT-HORMY My posts are all logical to its benefit, just many like you chose to not actually see it, what makes you think under a free market pedophilia would be any more accepted than under a democratic system where you elect the leaders that set the laws?

  • Liberalism and left wing politics.

  • @Berin well rounded short answer lol. Although for me Id weigh more heavily on education and social policies like encouraging the development of art, creativity, innovation, technology, science, archeology etc; weighing too heavily on employability rates although it is essential for the whole survivability of society but keeps the economic growth stagnant and can build a "slave culture" where your whole role is just get a minimum wage job, clock in clock out, able to live an average living standard, repeat, leaning towards communism where the bosses own the employees and the gap to switch between the two is harder. Encouraging own personal start up of local small businesses and euteprenships I guess as part of social pilocies would help the country stay ahead of the game in this fast globalizing world.

  • @Chicken-meat Thanks! Respecting all the particularities of cultures today we live a freedom of choice of our cultural references, from painting, music to architecture. It is remarkable that we all seek an identity but when we study the roots of our nations we find that they are constructs derived from the mixture of peoples and there is no "pure culture" as the same way don't exists "pure race". I say this because I am brazilian and this country is one of the most mestizo populations in the world. When they speak of cultural appropriation or something typical of a people, it can be traced back from other countries, whether of European, Amerindian, African, Arab or Asian descent.

  • @Berin ooooo thats interesting haha, I never got the whole "cultural appropriation" thing, I always thought celeberating each others cultures is more so "acceptance" than "appropriation"

  • We're really doing this? TWS is such a nice little town at the moment, are we really going to rile everyone up with politics?

  • @Indrid-Cold too much words lol, but I prefer it to other unsolicidated -

  • @Chicken-meat Unfortunately people today seek to victimize their ethnic background or their origins and I believe that it should not be so. Something like white people can not talk about slavery or Asians could not dance break. I have descendants of germans, spaniards, amerindians, africans and arabs (third and fourth generation, all mixed up) and for me this is a source of satisfaction in my DNA.

  • @Chicken-meat I dont know a lot about politics...tbh I know nothing....But I like the idea of democracy :joy:

  • @IM-NOT-HORMY well the law would be up to the people, so like "witchhunts" lol, tbh i dont see it working out either, specially appointed people that cares for the safety of the country and its citizens to be guided and mostly abide by the fixed laws is a lot more reliable than depending on a system where its based on everyday ppl just switching wishy washy between right or wrong without a manual, honestly cant expect the lil guy to be able to go over mass corrupt capitalistic businesses it would just be allowed "anarchy". Just saw someone message me on omegle about it which I found interesting.

  • im a rugged induvidualist for myself, but it's only for me other people should follow the rules, only i am exeption

  • @Kiss_My_Axe Im not sure I understand, isnt A federal government as quote " a system that divides up power between a strong national government and smaller local governments." I guess you mean by not relying too much on democracy as meaning to not make the states too democratic by itself as to not rely too much on its own governing structure and individual rules and laws that if the majority vote for a bad leader that wouldnt be the doom of it as the overseeing rules and laws from the national government would take care of it? I dont really know anything of the sort but I just searched and its a the governing system of America lol

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