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  • @Steve-Flordia Dying as a good man is much better,because whatever you do always comes back to you in the same amount maybe in this life or be it in next life which balances the equilibrium of the universe which is made up of both positive and negative elements. No one can escape the consequences of karma so it's better to be good to others and get good results in return rather than be a monster and getting into trouble.However leaving aside the religious stuff becoming too good towards people also has it's consequences because people may take advantage of you so it's better to be a person with both of the given traits and choose our path accordingly.

  • To die as a good man should be the correct answer. But we can take it from another perspective. How does one defines a monster? If it is someone who goes around and use and abuse people whether family, friends or strangers. Someone who is a danger to society, then yes to die as a good man is better. Sometimes in life we have to make some hard decisions based on what is right or based on the particular situation we r in. Sometimes these decisions might make us seem to be monsters to others, but as long as we have a clear conscience and know that we did the right thing just let them think what they want. This is my opinion

  • One Woman Army GSP Patrol | The Proofreaders Freedom Writers

  • One Woman Army GSP Patrol | The Proofreaders Freedom Writers

    This is not exactly the answer but I liked it!!

  • I wouldn't believe anyone to whom addressed this question

  • I've lived with a monster, and I'll die a good man. But to be honest, from what I've seen... These monsters don't even know, they can't see how fucked up their life is, or that they have an issue in the first place. It's a very sad & lonley life for the monster. That's a long time of self hate, self conscious, and anger to deal with. I'd be happier to die a younger man good than bad though. I don't destroy people's lives.

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