• all the amazing friends i meet on here always end up deleting their account and leaving me. they’ll say something like, “thank you, i love you. bye.”. i don’t want people to keep leaving me. you guys should know, am i not a good person? i just want a friend that i talk about everything with and when i get that they leave me. i just feel really alone. maybe i should delete my account and stop caring.

  • tws is like that. it's not your fault. also many people really are not capable of having true relationships/friendships anymore. and many do not take the relationships they make on a place like tws seriously. we are a sick generation honestly. not your fault this is anyways...


    what will rick says

  • @Kagura so you’re saying that because i’m black that i shouldn’t feel this way? the black lives matter movement was made to bring light to the injustices we face. it was not made to shame black people who are depressed. i don’t see the point you’re trying to make here.

  • @Imduck when i meet people on here who are nice to me i tend to cling to them because i have no one to be nice to me irl. then they eventually end up hurting my feelings. since i posted this, i have been trying to better myself by making myself happy instead of depending on others to do it for me. self love is the best love right?

  • Cripes! I late again? I prepared this awe-inspiring speech that would, in a flash of memories, remind you of what matters most and overall come to terms with the actions of others that are out of your control. Leaving only a singular action, yours.

  • @ᛈᛋᚤᚲᚺᛟ-ᛗᚨᚾᛏᛁᛋ legendary! 😂😂😂

  • i wish i could die right now and go to some place where there’s me and the things that make me happy. i honestly don’t want to be here anymore. what’s the meaning of life?

  • @vaginapower Hey if you want to talk about anything, just hmu whenever you want

  • i wish i could go into a coma and never wake up.

  • i want to have sex. i can’t stop thinking about it.

  • @baldshinobi You say BLM yet you want to die? I really think you should consult a psychiatrist 'cause there's something wrong in your head.

  • @Kagura i want to go somewhere that is not here. i live a hard life and depressing live that takes a toll on me. i just want to be happy that’s all. what if i the after life is like beautiful and a place where all the things you wish you had in life are? i would like to there. i’m not saying that i want to off myself right now. i’m just saying that i want to go away to some place where i can just feel realized for once.

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    @baldshinobi even I'm looking for friends here, let's chat. I don't have any friends here

  • GSP Patrol | The Proofreaders

    @baldshinobi we can be amazing friends and I promise I won't leave

  • @pe7erpark3r thank you, this made me feel a lil better

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    @pussykith why are u doubtin urself cuz of ppl leavin the site anyways

  • you are good when you are good.

  • just wanted to update how i’m feeling: i don’t have much happiness in my life. when i meet someone on here who makes me the tiniest bit of happy i tend to cling to them because i automatically think, “shit i want to be friends with them forever” then they leave hsbshhsh. i have cut all emotional ties with everyone on this site. i will soon ask some of my friends on here if we can restart our relationship so my feelings for them can change? i thinking it might help hehe. i can handle this. i literally laughing at myself right now because i get in the dumps over LITERAL STRANGERS i’m too bad of a bitch for thisssss. i need my bad bitch mentality to come back. i have refreshed my life and i would like everyone to know: “i hate you bitches. kiss my ass.” like forreal give me ass smoochies, that’s shits cute. toodlessssss.

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