• Drown:

    Hold my breath and count to ten
    While she rips my heart I see thousand stars hold it in
    No I'll never love again
    Cause you made me a fool
    Now tell me who's loving you?

    Watch me as my world burns down
    You kicked me down and stole my crown
    Though my heart is telling me go
    I just gotta let you know
    That you sunk my ship and then you let me drown

    And the world cries out tonight
    Like a howling wind piercing through my skin I'll be alright
    No we'll never be again
    Cause I know someone is loving you
    No don't lie I know that it's true

    I've seen heart breaks sad days
    Torn up bad craves
    But I have never felt pain like this
    And all I ask of you is

    Watch me as my world burns down

    Yeah you sunk my ship and now you let me drown