• Losing his balls or penis? If you're a guy, OK. If you're a female, how could you know?
    Ok, now give it to me!

  • Both would suck. Losing penis would mean no more sex or masturbation. And you would just have a nut sack hanging there. Only upside would be more room in your pants. Then losing balls, you’d still have your dick. Can still have all the sex, just without your 2 egg knapsack full of sperm. I’d say losing penis worse.

  • @Mister-Brown @alwayshonest28 but see the thing is that its from your balls where u get ur testosterone which is responsible for ur male characteristics and also libido...so without balls you wouldnt really want to have sex....but ofcourse such a person can resort to external hormone supplementation ..which is not a good long term alternative but it will still help...also u do need penis for urination ..so yes losing balls is better than penis.