• Do not be influenced by APPEARANCES. Ladies and Gentlemen, it goes both ways. Do we all agree, to which this statement is true?

  • of course ,actually it's very true
    for we can never judge anyone through appearance !

  • @Sarah-A-R what about Donald trump? Is he the exception to the rule?

  • @frencha
    So true.
    I have a ba in physics.
    I am a A.S.E certified master automotive technician.
    I am a lead guitar player in a semi well known band. (Regionally)
    I have been known to save people from drowning and burning vehicles.
    I help people anyway I can.
    People that know me welcome me with open arms.
    People that don't know me lock their car doors and have called the police on me for just being around or walking down the street.
    The police and a posse called the nuisance abatement committee arrested me numerous times for riding my Harley home after work. It was dark and my bike was noisy. Hell I owed the house. Paid for. No liens or shit. I bet that on the committee there might be 2 out of 12 that actually owned their home.
    They just don't like long haired tattooed biker musicians I guess........
    Fckn haters suck and waste oxygen.