Anybody here is a "gay in the closet" ? How do you deal with life?

  • I'm a closeted gay, and even though I said that, I have told about my condition to some of close religious friends, which thankfully not chastise me, but just giving me kind advice on how to leave this way of life. Well, I'm still a closeted gay until now. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing something by acting "not gay", but I also feel I'll missing something even bigger if I'm outing myself to the public that I'm gay. So right now I'm staying in status quo, and learn how to be satisfied with this. I did "dating" with some gays in the past, behind everyone's back. But nothing too serious, and the one that is somewhat serious, he's living so far, so I decided to not pursue further. Right now, no gays, just flicking through facebook photos lol. How about you? And feel free to ask anything if you want.

  • you described me....i'm gay too my whole family is religious and i'm afraid to tell 'em