A glimpse into an ancient religion almost forgotten.

  • Not many of us know about the Zoroastrianism. We should know more about their history and beliefs in order to begin to understand our own faith. And in many cases our own history.

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  • @Thales_BG have you read thus spoke zarathustra by Nietzsche? A mind expanding book, read it aged 15, didn't really understand it but i knew it had stretched my brain in new directions

  • @Silhouette sure dude. whatever you say.

  • @sarah_the_magpie Think about how good it must have felt to spread it like it did...

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    you have no idea how long i waited for an opportunity to post some sweet zoroastrian memes 😄

  • @Silhouette said in A glimpse into an ancient religion almost forgotten.:

    @Devil-Tag False. You're wrong, it is a weak religion. You people can downvote me all you want, it won't change the fact.

    When the Arabs invaded Persia, where was their God? Why didn't the believers receive any help?

    Fact: true faith means nothing when your God is uncaring or weak.

    Look, christian religion is by definition weak. Christ died on the cross. Christianity is the most persecuted religion in the world. In fact as a christian you should praise your weakness, for in your weakness God is strong. Where is God? Always to be found on the cross, where people are suffering, He is. He is with them. He is with the weak. Always.

    For God is Love, and through Love He is convincing people to follow Him. He will always do it like this, always with a subtle voice. He did not come as the messiah to rule all the world by force. He always speaks subtly and waits for people to listen.

    For Love wants to be loved. He wants a free-willed decision, not a forced decision. He wants trust, he does not prove his power. And he doesn't like the proud and those who desire power and victory.

    His cup of justice might brim over however, letting the evil we commit fall back on us instead of keeping it away. But that does not change the fact that the only meaningful relationship with Him will be built on gentleness, trust and love, not on strength and power.

  • @Thales_BG said in A glimpse into an ancient religion almost forgotten.:


    or better Mazdayasna is one of the oldest religions world wide as i readed it
    it's interessting tho how this religion works
    there are at least 120.000–300.000 peoples into it and it is happend to be in the 4 - 7 before Jesus christ
    so it's an really old religion in the highlands of the islamic culture also not irans or persians believe in this religion for several years ~
    it's multi-tendency faith
    thank you even i believe in my own things this is interessting to know from

    greetings from Japan

  • @Hyde I will look it up, sound very interesting indeed.

  • @iTAG, a mere human didn't spread the any religion, they started them. Once people got interested in those religions, and the government accepted them, then they spreaded. Zoroaster didn't spread Zoroastranism, he started. The persian empire spreaded it. Same with Islamism and Christianism.

  • @Silhouette you really are an idiot of the highest order. Making rude and personal attacks in people who disagree with you? Who's weak? I'm thinking you are, certainly very thin skinned not to mention sexist, obnoxious and just plain ridiculous

  • @Silhouette said in A glimpse into an ancient religion almost forgotten.:

    @sarah_the_magpie Stop posting memes, this is a serious discussion.

    Typical female behavior. Hogging attention instead of contributing anything meaningful to the conversation.

    Oh come on, don't be a party pooper. I find a bit of fun in the middle of a serious conversation refreshing.

  • @pe7erpark3r Nicely put. Nowdays we have the Oxymoronic "Warrior of christ" type of individual. Talk about not getting the memo about being gentle and humble.

    "Blessed are the meek:
    for they shall inherit the earth." MT 5:5

  • @pe7erpark3r No way, pal. Alan Moore is the Ju-Ju master, where you can read it backwards, upsidedown and you still get hidden stuff ala The Shining. And Dave Gibbons is such a cool artist. Precise, shrunk-down art that's Cinebook quality? U got it. Not a standard colour palette? Not a problem. BELIEVE THE HYPE.

  • @Silhouette I am well aware of the terror both Stalin and Hitler brought upon your people. Religion and God didn't do anything to stop them both. Don't misplace your trust dude. God and faith may have brought resilience to your people, that I would agree, but if it were for this God you call strong, stallin and Hitler would have done their evil deeds way longer then they did (Hitler was Catholic after all and the pope authorized and even blessed his maniacal quest). Glad you admitted you were rude and unnecessarily aggressive towards Sarah. Also, I never said you couldn't share your strong, harsh opinions about this topic, and I don't find it inconvenient, but I think since you were so harsh about it and didn't sugar coated your hateful speech, I thought about giving you a small dose of your own medicine. Unsweetened trollish reply. Full force. Br huehue style with some extra class.

    PS: my favorite song by Tool would probably be laterallus (not for the whole fibonnacci stuff but the message) and from opeth I would have to say I think the whole Deliverance album would be my pick.

  • @Thales_BG said in A glimpse into an ancient religion almost forgotten.:

    Hitler was Catholic after all and the pope authorized and even blessed his maniacal quest

    The pope did not authorize or bless the quest. He should have said more than he did. But literally nobody thought, that Hitler would actually go that far. I mean the brits and the americans both knew of his manical hatred and his ideas and even the concentration camps and did not try to end him. They thought he wasn't that dangerous on the one side, and they did not want to heaten up the situation on the other. Stupid in hindsight yeah...

    Hitler was catholic on paper... In truth he was an occultist. He collected relics thinking they would bring him power. But that has literally nothing to do with the christian faith. I mean the guy killed thousands of catholics 🤷, there are quite a few catholic saints that died in concentration camps. You might want to get your history straight: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_persecution_of_the_Catholic_Church_in_Germany

  • Also, guys, this was never intended as a post to have this kinda of discussion. I made this one to introduce some historical fact about a mostly unknown religion from the past that actually influenced many other. This post was never intended to be a open ideological discussion. So, I would reccomend everyone wanting to discuss religion and Ideology to gather and make some other post dedicated to it. I mean, I probably wont enforce any sort of control over this, But I think I should at least point this out. I will not be engaging in this discussion any further and I strongly advice people to do it as well.

  • Also, here is another brief video regarding their beliefs.

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    Zoroasastrianism already existed way before abrahamic religions existed
    Zoro is like the father for the three of abrahamic religions

  • @Div I've been fascinated by Zoroastranism for a while now. And Zarathustra. Both are very interesting subjects.

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