Are there ways to unlock the phone?

  • I forgot the password of my Android phone and looking for ways to unlock the device, who can help?

  • Well in first instance its not possible since if you could go to a store and say you forgot your passwords and they restored it
    then people would steal phones left and right
    So if you forget your pass you're fucked mostly
    The thing you can do is take the buy ceritificate of your phone go to your local tech store and follow the steps from there.


    hey bro Do these Simple steps

    1. connect ur phone with Data cable
    2. open terminal and type these commands...
    3. Sudo Adb devices
      4.adb boot bootloader
    4. and download twrp img for ur phone and flash it
      fastboot oem-unlock
      and then
      fastboot flash recovery ~/path-to-twrpfile
      fastboot boot recovery
      and then after opning ur recovery u got acess to ur phone Storage.. So make a backup of this thing on PC
      WIPE ur phone

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