• Yes, we all is an instance of the real world Human entity. We all have similar type of properties(resources) and functionalities.

    Generally, we utilize our properties, our brain process the thought and our body function accordingly.

    Resources of the Human object are,
    — brain, eye, ear, other body parts

    Functions of the Human object are,
    — Speaking, movements, re-actions etc..

    In short, we all are naturally equal. There are no divisions/classes like upper-class, middle-class, lower-class etc...

    So please don't separate people by their status and class

    And Enjoy each moment of life by utilizing resources and processing your positive thoughts

    Inspired By:
    Object Oriented concepts of engineering

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    Got it ..

  • Banter Warriors GSP Patrol | The Proofreaders

    yep it's cool concept 🙂

  • @Saloniii
    So u know Object Oriented concepts very good 👍 . One of my favorite subject. I tried to apply Object Oriented theory on Human.

    I think, developing and under developed countries classify people based on their status and react accordingly, while Developed Countries all are in equal level. They value each and every people and support each other.

  • @DIV

    Kid life is not a race, life is not about win or loss**. God give us a life to save nature and property of nature.** Not to miss use for self purposes, instead would utilize for them selves and for other.

    I just wanted to say in many town of under developed countries or developing countries, Upper Class doesn't appreciate talent of Lower Class, they separate them their community, never miss chance to insult them, whenever they get chances cheated them, etc etc.

    I agree Upper Class may have better experience, wealth, back-up etc.. but would not under value other, other are also human they also have their own ambition. Well experienced person would support them and show them to right path so that they can full fill their requirements.

    Would built education sectors, would raise infrastructure and facilities to guide/ to provide enough training ( without or less cost ) for other less -experienced peoples.

    Human is a single community. People would not break this community by different Classes.

    Have u ever think y under developed or developing countries are at least 15 years behind than Developed Countries.

    Because in Developed country all are in equal level, no more divisions. They live as team members not competitors.

    I don't think this is point less. This is responsibility of young generation to see those differences and find out the way to short out unbalance between People.

    Thank you.

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