• We have recieved 3 valid applications for the post of Global Moderator.

    And now you get to choose your moderator.

    Below listed are the three candidates:

    A) kat_15

    B) captain_rogers

    C) heyitszoey

    Voting system is as follows:

    • You will find 3 comments under this topic naming each of the three candidates.

    • You are supposed to downvote the comment which mentions the name of the candidate you choose.

    Yes downvote that comment not upvote.

    Once you downvote that comment your vote will be cast.

    Since only Admins and Mods can see the downvotes your votes will be anonymous.

    At the end of 48 hours the election will conclude and all the downvotes will be counted.

    If you cannot downvote the post due to lack of downvoting privileges send a Direct Message to @Odin naming your preference for the post of Moderator.

    We are locking this post now to avoid any commotion.

    So vote freely and heartily.

    And remember...


    Voting is completed and the posts have been deleted to preserve the voters identity and keep the elections truly anonymous.

    Contact @ObviouslyLucifer in case of doubts regarding the elections.

  • @Freedom-Writers-Writing