• Hey reader.
    I'm just providing my reasons for possibly leaving TWS-
    Not only am I inactive, I'm also quite freaked out by the amount of weirdos here. By weirdo, I mean pedophiles and h*rny men I suppose.
    I literally tried to have a nice convo with someone before, and saying I was a girl, he immediately asked for nudes and asked to help me lose my virginity. I was freaked out...sadly, there were many others I bumped into quite similar to him.
    I'm not saying that every man here is weird. There are aome genuinely nice peeps here. Though, the majority are just looking for a girlfriend or a "good time", something I can neither provide nor see any longer.
    "Such parting is such sweet sorrow," as said in 'Romeo and Juliet' certainly does not fit this situation well, haha.
    I don't think I've gotten to know anyone here too well, but if anyone wants to keep in touch, maybe we can, depending on what social media you have, among other factors.
    I might check on this post within the next couple days, then say my final farewell if I decide to leave, I guess.
    Well...thanks TWS for fun trolling and nice chats.
    See you within the next few days,

  • not all of us are pervs. but i dont blame you for leaving. this place is now nothing more than a pornhub comment section

  • Makes me want to leave too.
    Too bad I have not watched "that" anime or it would be cool to know you!
    I wonder if I should leave too. Guide me sensei!

  • True if you want to know people it's very difficult to do that here but there will be people here who will comment just to say that yeah they want to know you and ask for your user for any social media so be careful and all I can say is if you need any help in the future or need a friend to talk to I might be able to help so I bid you farewell and have a nice day/night/life.

  • Haha, I agree with all of you. It's quite saddening

  • @Art
    I started a thread somewhere art if you wanted I'll go dig up a link for you make it more user-friendly for both of people that want sex in the ones that don't I know there's already a category for it however just having a category for it does not prevent the molesters from attacking people all over the whole site there needs to be a way to prevent that maybe not completely but the only solution I came up with was to warm them once in the second time make it where they can only post in the find your date category that somehow or another they piss somebody off over there then bam no means no I don't care who's says it still means no that means stop fuck off however you want to say it no is no.

    Instead of leaving Art help me find a solution please.

    The only thing evil needs to thrive is for good men to do nothing.......
    I don't know who to attribute that quote to but it is very true.

  • I know right. At least this site can do is justice by having an authentication log in account. This (might) help for future users and ensure everyone's safety against possible trolls/weird a$$ motha flockers.

  • @Art it’s true tho...lots of weird creeps here want me :c