When do moderators loose their positions ?

  • We have recently unmodded one of our good mods, @jamjam but it was not our decision, it was a joint decision of ALL the current mods.

    Here are some reasons why a mod can loose his position:

    1. Mod is not performing duties or posting regularly good topics.
    2. Other users and mods have complained many times about a mod.
    3. Mod is over-banning the users (banning without any reason or banning based on personal conflicts or emotions with another person).
    4. Mod is discussing mods internal discussions with the rest of the users.
    5. Mod is not active on the site.
    6. Mod is leaking other users emails and personal info with other users.

    Having said that, we really love all our users and mods, and if you manage to take yourself up in the top posters and most reputation section http://chatrooms.talkwithstranger.com/users?section=sort-posts , then there are high changes you will be a mod.

  • Erm...pretty sure jam has not done any of those listed...and think his unmodding was unfair and harsh :3

  • @talkwithstranger if Lucifier sent mod info isn't he deserving of unmodding similar to jam? Seems like its only fair as it is a reason for mod losing their position.. and personal conflicts have nothing to do with a mod being unmodded..being jealous of something so petty is rather stupid..don't you think? Also did the current mods give reasoning to why they opposed if his position? If it was solely based on emotions, it would be rather childish. In addition choosing mod over the number of reputation and posts is ineffective to say the least..as users are able to spam posts and make fake accounts to upvote their own posts. Furthermore, there are users that don't post topics but frequently use the public chat and should be given the same opportunity of gaining the position of mod. In any case, I think you should reconsider the unmodding of jam.. :3

  • Multiple moderators have done smth in that list. The actual reason i got unmodded is because all the other mods are friends with each other and don't appreciate me criticising one of their friends.

    You don't have to sugarcoat things, the system is corrupt.

  • please put Jam back on the list of mod as he has the interest of us all to keep going, i might be new, but chatting to him and he shows he wants to make this chat sight better for all, not just the selected few, this is a good thing for me and he will perform as needed, please do help out a good mod called Jam Jam

  • Banned

    To be fair enf, all the rest mods are biased and are against the core principle of the site - speak freely. Other mods, i dnt wanna quote the names, they ban on their likeliness. They like you be a bitch u will never feel the heat but if they dnt like u, say 'fk' and u will be banned for 10273 whatever years without reason. jam i found the only logical here. so make him mod again, its bullshit if you have other kids as mod but not jam jam. GOD SAVE TWS.

  • @jamjam that's how the system work here

  • Banned

    @talkwithstranger u have kids as mod

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  • Just looking at this post still annoys me LMAO

  • @xғδπtδsmδ but why?

  • @talkwithstranger Because you have shitty justice.

  • This is a mess.

  • @anoj117 hmmm, but @Lucifer_ @RAGNAR @vrinda @tehkotak all the current mods opposed him.

    @Megann says she was leaking the mods info which @Lucifer_ was giving.

    Looks like you guys all have personal conflicts with each other that';s why you are all jealous of each other.

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