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    @TalkWithStranger Hello TWS. The issue of TWS has brought a lot of attention by numerous users, and I believe it is important for me to express my viewpoint on this matter. It has come to my knowledge that certain individuals are disregarding the rules and policies of TWS by creating fake accounts( of TWS users) on platforms such as Reddit and Twitter. These accounts are then linked to the genuine TWS users' accounts in a highly distasteful manner. These individuals persistently engage in spamming activities, sharing explicit images, and disclosing personal information in the global chat. Such behavior clearly violates TWS's primary policy *we don’t allow nudity on TWS. The platform is a family-friendly site and we expect the users to maintain the decorum. *and creates an unpleasant atmosphere within the global chat. Therefore, I kindly urge the Dev team to address this issue promptly by implementing measures that prevent users from sending or spamming pictures on the global chat. Thankyou 🤍.

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    Shutdown gc

  • @TalkWithStranger Kindly fix your site issues and shut global chat,I would say,I know I am not someone to really have idea behind everything that's going and will take up for the issues to get removed but it's a suggestion shut global chat or do strict changes in it ,and lounge tooo change some specific mods too. Make a particular best way of getting the mods place.Some mods ain't worth to be be here and they don't have any understanding and act like so biased many times.
    I appreciate @Janet for listening to my request, but @Aimee and @liyah are some of the dumbest I came across through.
    And I would appreciate more if this biasness will get removed by their removal. Thank you :)

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    @Codyy baised it is