• Five months already? Do the days go by that quickly? I remember the first day I met him. Randomly adding me out of the blue, this cute weirdo guy starts a conversation with me. I instantly fall in love but I didn’t know it yet. I didn’t know all the “I love you”s that would end up being said and all the “please stay with me”s. I never knew I would trust someone so much and love someone so much.
    Five months already. Seems like yesterday I was asking how to pronounce your name properly so I would never say it incorrectly. Seems like yesterday when I was asking your height and age and relation status. You were shockingly single (lucky meh heh heh)
    Five months ago I accepted your offer. I accepted you into my life as more then a friend but also as a partner. Five months ago I said yes to a simple question. I never knew we’d get this far. Relationships and I don’t really get along. But you were a HUGE crush of mine and I couldn’t say no! You are my first online boyfriend. My first long distance relationship. The first one I can’t see every day. The ironic thing is... I never wanted to see my exs every day when I was dating them. I wanted to see them just sometimes because I’m just that weird. I didn’t want them to take over my life. But I want you to. I want you to take over my time. My everything. I want you to be my life. You are my life. And I know that most older people will be like “look at this young, dumbass loving a online person.” Well I say fuck you to all the ones who want to criticize me about my relationship preferences and stay focused on your own relationships instead of mine. Yes, you may think it’s “stupid” to online date.. and tbh if it is stupid to online date then I’ll accept being the biggest dumbass in the world if it means I’m still with him. With my Malachi.
    5 months already. It’s funny cause I’m not a peoples person. I’m very shy and normally to myself. But you make me want to be a better me. You make me want to be the best me I can be! Heh I remember when we first met on here and we actually started talking (well as soon as we started talking we started “talking” instant sparks) but anyways when it first happened I remember sneaking my phone out in class and messaging you. And you’d get upset because I’m suppose to be in school but you would never tell me to leave. You would tell me to do my work but never to go. I found that really really sweet when we first started talking because it’s something so simple but meant so much.
    I remember our one month heh we had like a small break up shortly after but we won’t talk about the negative here. We was still learning a lot about each other. Learning the obvious things such as: any siblings? What do you do on your free time? It was so easy to talk to you and to have conversations about just the most randomest things (love that new word) and you quickly learned that I’m not like the rest and I quickly learned that your not like the rest. And I loved(and still love) every second we could spare to be on here. We would spend our free time here whenever we could and still do.
    I know most people don’t see 5 months as a lot but for me it is. Because I’ve never spent this long with someone I love as much as you. Someone who I adore as much as you. Someone who I desire as much as you. I’ve had past boyfriends but that’s just what they are. Past. Malachi you are my present and future. I really really fell head first for you and it was a pretty damn hard fall. But it’s okay because there is nobody on this earth who I would rather fall for. Not a single person. And literally just the thought of loosing you brings me to tears.
    Most people won’t real all of this and I really don’t blame them. Who wants to read all this gushy stuff right? Welllllll Oof oh well I’m gunna make tha topic anywayssss!
    Malachi I know there are some days when your really down but I’m here to help pick you up. I’m here to help show you the light through what seems to be the endless darkeness. I’m here to be your shelter through the storm. I’m the rock you need. And baby youre all those things to me. I truly did hit the jackpot with you. I won the fucking lottery! I became queen of the world! Because I got the most priceless thing that no money could ever buy. The most priceless thing that nobody else can have. And I’m the riches girl in the world. Even if I have no clothes on my back or no food to eat I’m still the richest girl because I have my Malachi. When I say through thick and thin I mean it. Through heaven or hell. Light or dark. Pain or happiness. Good days and bad days. Through fears and dreams. Through it all. And there is no other person I’d rather spend it with then with you.
    And yes. I’m that crazy girlfriend who stays up to wait till it’s past midnight just so I can get the first “5month” post! So hehehhehehe im the first one 😜 so I’m gunna end it at this so that it’s not tooooooo much for people to read(i might finish in pms idk yet) and I wanna say thank you so much my handsome king for randomly adding me that day! And hopefully we can turn these months to years and those years to decades! I love you my king!@Captain_America

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  • @obviouslylucifer What??? Cap never in relation with Marvel

  • what your previous names?
    may i know?

  • @captain_marvel I always wish you the best of luck guys 😍

  • @captain_marvel just adorable you guys :heart_eyes:

    @Captain_Marvel @Captain_America

  • I never knew i could puke so much

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    You guys are really the cutest thing ever. Keep living your happy fairytale, I have no doubts that it will have an happy ending! There's nothing more special then the 1st eye contact, 1st kiss and 1st touch after dating online for so long. Can't wait for the lovebirds to get together! Bestest of luck is my wish to bith of you! :D

  • @captain_marvel You guys are adorable together ^.^

  • @captain_marvel and @Captain_America seriously you both have to learn like pretending every noise from people who want you two split off is a normal things. People who never get the point how to be in love will do such things. You know jealousy? It does exist.
    Well, i ever had such experience when i openly admitted @WtfJudith and i never notice that SHE HAS MANY FANS HERE 😭😭😭
    So, i got all of cussing and cursing words in that time, it was flooded in my dm, even some of my friends here be like "if i were you i wont fall for that Judith. There are many girls here, why you have to choose her? Your girl type is weird". So, what? I love her and the way i see her is different from the way people see her. Instead of saying bad words to them, i prefer to let it go.m
    Atm, i conceide what Boots said to me when we first had small talk and suddenly we talked about "some people dont like me" is true 😂. I feel ya @Captain_America dont worry, hatters gonna be hate even when you do a good things. Lets them barking till they die~
    In short, i wish this relationship will have a happy ending and wish you both have a long last relationship ever.

  • third wheeling
    Thats "oh god stop!" in Portuguese.

    Btw...congratulations :)

  • @captain_marvel Awwww babyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭 I need some tissues please. That made meh cry a little. I love you so much! Happy 5months my beautiful queen!

  • @obviouslylucifer oh no I Definetly was asleep, lol

  • @g-a aye thank you very much man! And yeah let the haters hate I don't give a fuck. And bro I hope things go well with you and Judith.

  • @azzurranna hey azzu...would love to talk to u..DM me plz!!

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    @azzurranna hey , message me

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    At least you have Marvel :)

  • @captain_marvel And I'm like OH MY GOD !!!!! how can a relationship be so perfect !!!!???? Congratulations to you 😁 and BEST OF LUCK to me to get over certain people so that I wouldn't call them at midnight saying I AM DONE STUDYING NOW AND M GOING TO SLEEP , DON'T CALL ME AGAIN TO DISTURB MY SLEEP .

  • Thank you all for the amazing feedback🤗🤗 and thank you @ObviouslyLucifer for the fan art!!

  • @captain_marvel Baby we have fans?