The Crash (part 1/4)

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    Music filled my ears as I walked through the crowd of drunk, crazy, happy people. My best friends hand was linked with mine as we attempted to dodge out the way of everyone and saying 'sorry' to whoever we touched. We'd been at this festival for 2 days now, we'd both had enough but wanted to stay for the free food and free music. As we trembled past everyone trying to get back to our tent.

    My best friend really was the best she'd been in my life now for 16 years since we were just 3, She has beautiful long dark brown hair that I wish I could have; and big bright green eyes. She is tall, beautiful and funny we'd always wanted to go to a festival together so as soon as we saw the posters dotted all around the city we knew we had to go.

    Our tent was pitched right at the back of the field, we jumped over the empty beer cans and broken glass trying to get there. There was just one day left of the festival so we were going back to the tent to get changed and ready for the main evening event.

    Once we had got changed we started making our way to the field of food trucks. Her outfit was perfect, a pretty white crop top with black jeans and black boots, that she borrowed from me.

    'Layla!' her shouting brought me back to the real world, 'Yes, Kaylee?' i said in a sarcastic tone, 'Can you please hurry up? All the foods gonna go!' she shouted 'Fineeeeeeeeeeeeeee' I groaned. We hurried over to the food trucks and brought a pizza to share.

    Then we went over to the main stage where we partied until 2am.

    We stumbled back to the tent, and jumped onto our beds.
    'Layla' she said 'Yes, Kaylee?
    'I know I'm slightly drunk and very tired but thank you for being my best friend and looking after me these past three days, I love you' she said
    'Aw I love you too Kaylee!'

    Idk what this really was, but i hope ya like ittttttttt 🙂

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    Well written violet!

  • Freedom Writers

    @violetttttt thanks for taking me through that. I could picture the event well, and sense the actual friendship, and care they have for each other, and anything involving booze, makes everything better.

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