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    Part 2 :: For whom does the Bell Toll ? It tolls for thee.

    About a month passed by normally,well as much normal as it can get in a place like the Center, until Riley’s next call.

    At the time I wasn’t taking any calls for I was on a little break.

    Hannah, another one of the volunteer operators almost staggered over to me saying there was an urgent call...the person was refusing to talk to anyone except myself.

    A Girl named Riley.

    Me: ”Riley? It’s me Jenny, is something wrong?”

    There was a faint muffled sound that sounded like yelling.

    Riley: ”M-my friend! She’s threatening to jump! I... (sob) I don’t know what to do!”

    I was taken aback for a moment. It took me a second to fully process what was happening.
    I kept myself from freaking out.
    I couldn’t , wouldn’t let Riley lose her best friend.

    Me: “Riley, Riley! Please try to calm down?take deep breaths. We’ve got to have a clear head in order to help your friend, OK?”

    Riley: ”Yeah, breathes in and out I called the police already, they’re on their way
    ... I’m sorry,I was desperate .... I just needed someone.
    They told me to stall her and keep her from jumping... But, I-I...”

    Me: “That’s perfectly fine. I’m here for you, OK?”

    There was a few moments of silence and more muffled yelling.

    Riley: ”....I’m sorry, I’m sorry! (sob)

    Me: “Riley? Are you still there?”

    There was no reply. The only sound was the loud shuffling of wind like the sound a video picks up as you’re running.

    Riley: “NO! LEXI ! PLEASE! DON’T GO!”

    Me: “Riley?!”

    Riley: ”I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY FOR NOT BEING THERE! LEXI ! I’M BEGGING YOU! Don’t... leave me!”

    Riley was yelling at the top of her lungs.

    The phone was filled with the noise of her crying and voice breaking.

    I opened my mouth to say something ...anything, but my vocal chords had abandoned me .

    Indeed I know not ,whether I would have even been able to say something even if I had the means to ...My mind was blank.

    All I could do was sit there listening...eyes tearing up.
    ...Mouth gaping open.

    Unknown : ”MISS!” ”MISS!”

    The line abruptly cut off.

    The last thing I heard was someone who was alerted of the situation....I hoped it to be a policeman or a Kind passerby.

    I fell into tears as soon as I regained my senses .

    ...the throbbing numbness in my chest was replaced by a sharp stab of guilt and grief.

    I distantly felt my heart hammering ...It felt as if I was a puppet inside my own body.

    I felt dizzy and sick.

    I was in Shock.

    We had been given training for just such a scenario as this .. an eventual case of Emotional overburden & yet faced with the sheer Reality of such a scenario , I couldn't remember my training & control myself.

    I excused myself for the day.

    To be Continued in ,

    Part 3 :: Life is fleeting , Death is eternal. : https://chatrooms.talkwithstranger.com/topic/19284/naught-death-does-us-part-part-3-story


    Riley officially annoys me -.- I hate people who hang up on you like that XD

  • @wtfjudith me tooo ..bish needs to learn some etiquette.
    smh ..total barbarian. :joy:

  • @stranger_danger pfff and the fact that her friend was about to jump isn’t even a good excuse! She could have just say a quick “sorry, I gtg” Poor Jenny smh

  • @stranger_danger Well finally, took you long enough :joy:

  • @stranger_danger

    The way Riley hang up on Jenny is the same kind of cliffhanger we are left everytime you finish each part. God let us know how this story endssssss T.T

  • Last part is up .

    It's complete. :relaxed: :relaxed: