At any stage of your life, have you felt so low so as to give up? And have you recovered from the fall?

  • I have experienced a lot of lows in my life, however tender it may be, and I am proud to say that I battled through them, though with difficulty, and am not only currently the person I used to be, but much better!
    I really hate how a lot of people treat those who really need help, and it really doesn't help much when you type in the keywords 'suicide' and 'depressed' and search engines give you a ton of phone numbers that you might be interested in dialling and asking for help..
    I feel opening up a dialogue with your closest friends, or even your school counselor could make you feel infinitely better. What about you? What do you think? :)

  • @Basit-Naqvi I've experienced many lows. Still am perhaps, it's an ongoing state. And yes, many times I have typed those sort of things into Google and got a ton of numbers. Like, that's really gonna help isn't it? It feels like no one really cares tbh. That's why I am reserved and prefer to solve my own problems. I'm always there for everybody but it seems like no one can do the same for me. And I don't blame them. So yeah, just battling with my own stuff on my own, do not need another person, it sucks to be dependent on others.

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