Why does there seem to be so much hatred and so much loathing towards Muslims?

  • Any idea? I have faced a lot of discrims on this, so please be repectful in your replies! I would appreciate and value your inputs to the highest degree of which I'm capable.

  • one reason is your appalling treatment of women. i hear stories all the time that muslim immigrants in America have been arrested for beating their wives or children over simple "dishonor". like a daughter talking to a non-muslim boy. in many cases, the violence turns to murder. why do you do this? why is dishonor treated so harshly?

  • @mikeJB Oh, I am sorry to hear that, especially if that is the case in your country. I do assume that your case refers to a more conservative and severe Muslim family. I personally, being a teenager, find it horrifying that people dishonour the religion more by these so called 'punishments'! I have Christian friends, Hindu friends and friends from all walks of race and life, and I love them all!

  • @mikeJB Our religion, in case you are not aware, strives to bring about peace and harmony, and I assure you that it is not just a cliche! The deeds you hear about being done by the so-called Muslims are just horrible, and against humanity; we don't refer to them as Muslim beings, but being more 'jaahils' or, illiterates.

  • why do so many muslims turn to terrorism ? and why do you practice Sharia-Law

  • Muslims are idiots.. more likely which are in India... They always be so f**king assholes...

  • @mikeJB To answer that question, Mike, I should have to tell you that there exists a dark side to our religion. It is the moolahs and the false preachers that take advantage of the religion, and destroy it, bit by bit, by using the religion's reputation to fuel hateful deeds. Like 9/11, you know? Osama was himself a preacher, and he led others to misbelief. We don't refer to Osama as being a Muslim, however, because Islam teaches one to care about others. (Love thy neighbour as thyself)

    The Sharia are just a set of rules laid out by our Supreme leaders, and we follow them, because they are to be strictly followed. We refer to these rules in Urdu, as being 'waajib' or compulsory..The Sharia is not at all about hate, and it certainly doesn't include rules to beat humans, women and children alike, here and there..It is the Fatwas issued by the false preachers that the kaafirs, or the ones led to misbelief, that cause people to do heinous deeds. One needs to steer clear of these, and we should, as Muslims ourselves, verify the authenticity of these.

  • @sur55 How so, man? Could you atleast give an example? As a Muslim, I would like to know what pisses you off such a great deal about Indian Muslims..Genuinely piqued!

  • @Basit-Naqvi why do so many muslims shout to America "you are infidels"?
    i met a beautiful kind soul on here from Iran. she is muslim. she has told me that her family is very strict. she is studying to be a dr. all her family are drs. but she sometimes does not do so great on the tests. there is alot of pressure to always be perfect. she told me her family will not let me talk to her because i am not a muslim and i am not to marry her. she also is not allowed to leave her home because of the Virus. but why this need to always have perfection in your children? she doesnt even want to be a dr! she said she would be disowned if she fails.i am so angry the way she is treated

  • @Basit-Naqvi Totally with you here, I've been lucky enough to grow up in a very multi-cultural area with many neighbours, friends and colleagues of different faiths. We all get along great together and recognise that bad people are bad people, and good people are good - where they come from, their belief system, the colour of their skin, none of that matter. People will use religion as an excuse to do bad things if that is their choice, but it is always a personal choice. When sweeping statements are made and the media portrays one culture as terrorists yet another's members who commit more atrocities as "mentally ill" then you know some kind of brainwashing is going on.

  • @mikeJB Well, Mike..You know how bright the fires exist between the triangle comprising of Israel, US, and Iran. Being from Iran, she would most probably be from a family who has inherited hate against Americans. I frankly don't know why the hate exists, and am doing a great deal of research to understand such an issue.
    She would be, again, as I said, from a conservative family, and I hate such families myself..Islam is about being liberal, while being under some already set limits and boundaries, comprising of the halaal and the haraam. I am sorry you were not able to interact with the love of your life, but I can surely tell you this! No child, Muslim or not, is or can be made perfect!

  • @Matt_Aranha I am grateful for your understanding of our religion. To be honest with you, there are a lot of people out there practising this so-called 'jihaad', but let me tell you, the real 'jihaad' lies in rejecting such people and letting them go to waste and hell, where they will be questioned for their hateful deeds.

  • you have made me look at muslim differently. go in peace my friend

  • @mikeJB Haha, Well, not all of us call Americans as 'infidels', man. I have a couple of friends in the US, with whom I have interacted a great deal. The problem, honestly doesn't lie in the people or the citizens of America, but more with the Administration running the nation. It seems to be, quite frankly, hella bent on rejecting Muslim immigrants, just because of their race and religion!

  • @mikeJB I am glad I can make you look at Muslims now in another light. I am grateful that you understand me well. You could ask me any questions, and I will be more than happy to answer!