it seems that this website does not has too much people or enough people to interact with them, does anyone agree with me ?!

  • say what guys?!

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    @tomkeen or maybe you are just looking in the wrong places, messaging the wrong people.
    If you are looking for an online gf/sexting you should check out the “Find your date” category topics
    If you are looking for a friend, i suggest you check out the search bar and search in “titles and posts” and type “friends” stuff like that
    One last thing to check out is the tags at the bottom of posts. Tags like “looking” “friends” “sext” etc, can give you an idea of what users want. And clicking on the tags you can see a multitude of topics for that tag.
    So its not necessarily that the site does not have the right people, you just arent looking in the right places.
    In addition, if you have any ideas on how TWS can improve, with actual solutions to the problem, you are more than welcome to post another topic or reach out to the admins @TalkWithStranger
    Their email is also in their bio ;)
    It is relatively easy to make friends on here. and also easy to find a sexting buddy. You just need to put in enough effort. Great things in life dont come easy :)