• Do you often look at yourself in the mirror and wonder why you are here? What drives you through life? Your life dream? Love? Money? We all seek more to life, some are unaware of what but we are living for a reason. We all should strive for a better life even when we are at rock bottom. Even if we live just for the morning sunrise, that can turn into something more. We can use the sunrise to create beautiful pieces of art that make the hearts of viewers leap with emotion.
    We can stay the same, improve for the better or for the worst. What do you seek in life, if anything?

  • @kanuna As of now, I seek a develop a hobby for myself and also my revive my interests in some of the things in which I lost interests for some reasons. But yea, I want something for which I can be passionate about.

  • @rendezvous There are plenty of things out there to try. It is hard to jump into something new, but it's worth the effort. Renewing old interests is particularly hard especially if you try to find the time. As we grow older, we get into the habit of work and rest, and forget who we are.

  • @kanuna That happens once you tell yourself that you're "enough". When that happens, you stop growing, you accept everything what happens to you without taking actions. As I tend to say, you set your own limits. I seek for improvement, we were all meant to be great. physically, mentally, spiritually? It doesn't matter, being proud of yourself before sleeping is all you need.

  • @kanuna well, you are absolutely right. But all the things that I stumble upon are in way or the other related to art and, I really really have no interest in it. I find it so boring even from childhood. Art, Music, Writing just don't seem to be things.
    And the things that are left except anything that is related to art were pretty much my one of interests in the past. And reviving an old interest seems like a really tough job.

  • @spoofer I agree. Some give up too early. I try my best to look beyond my living and mental health situation because I know what I want my future to look like. I try to engage those in my life to do so too. It hurts me physically to see some strangers giving into the dull breathing-working-resting life.

  • @rendezvous The arts such as music, drawing, painting and literature isn't strictly for those who have a particular talent for it, but it does take a great amount of interest to have an appreciation and passion to actually pursue such hobbies and careers with an art base. I am a Reanaissance-man when it comes to literature, photography and art (excluding music) but it takes too much time and effort on my part to pursue a hobbyist-level career based around those at this point in my life. I use to have the time, but need further motivation in life to rekindle the old flame.
    Maybe you seek physical or spiritual over mental. Try something involving a rush of dopamine or adrenaline, or visit and learn about the many spiritualities that may open your eyes to another meaning outside of your own.