• Why is there so much emotional distance and communication gap between husband and wife, even though they're living under one roof. Why do we need to talk with strangers despite full dedication. Does anyone feel the same way? Share your views.

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    I don't think it's the goal of marriage to become totally dependant on one another. It's a joining of two complete individuals. My wife hates chatting for the sake of it, so she often reads while I'm here. I get to socialize, she gets peace to read her book. We do so much together during the day, I don't see this as a failing of marriage. What's your situation?

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    @mirage I can relate, believe me. One of the things with relationships, is we have to trust the other with how we truly feel or what we truly think, and trust them not to reject us when we do. Otherwise we just close more and more of ourselves off from the other. But I dare say if you're feeling distance, it's unfair on your partner not to mention it... Or nothing will change. If you'd like to chat about it more just pm me 🙂

  • @bushmurry Everything's perfect unless we feel or sense otherwise. There's a lack/gap, which I want to overcome but failed to do so.Because i think, it can only work, when both need this passionately.There's a Big basic difference of me being an emotional person and my companion's practical. I get hurt easily and once done, I stop talking instead of arguing. So being emotional ~ being Sufferer. Don't know the way to come out of the vicious cycle.

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