• I lost my real mum while being conseived that was the hardest thing i had to learn to accept, so at the age of 7 i lost my little brother mason when he was born they couldn't help him breathe i saw my little brother die in front of eyes when i was 9 i lost my great nan she had died in her sleep and i was still very young when i was just 9 and a half i lost my friend of 3 years arron he killed himself cause he was sick and his dad coming home every night drunk bashing him and and his mum always getting beat up. Theres that when i was ten i lost my pop that i loved soo much we were practically best freinds he died of a stroke and cause he also had really bad emphysema from smoking he died at the age of 61. After that me my step mum and step dad moved up here to Queensland where i started a new school never had counciling either. Anyway 5 years had now passed i was a month turning sixteen and i lost my best friend rohan he hung himself from his ceiling fan. I then could understand pain my body broke i couldn't breathe for a long time i couldn't smile till i met this girl named isabel i was with her 1 year 1 month she made me soo happy i thought things were getting better for me till she decided to fck some guy behind my shoulder for a total of 4 months it was only till after a month after our yearly anniversary i found out and dumped her miserable as fck i was then i lost my dad a week before turning seventeen. He died from terminal lung cancer he was only 31 then 6 months after that i lost my sister stepmom and my pop after they crashed into a tree i was put into foster care after that and ive been miserable since. Because of this I've been doing drugs i started smoking pot when i was 16 and smokin tobacco when i was seventeen. Ive had 3 suicide attempts and my life is jus a constant burden to me i wish i didn't have to go through all this shit alone. Ive been hurt too much in my lifetime i hope i have shed any light on anyone who doesn't already know about this crappy life of mine. If you have any further questions or any details I've probs left out leave it in the comm field's below. Have a great rest of you day peeps.☺ Also I've prayed to a god i don't believe in even that don't ease the pain. Peace James out

  • @James-C-137 have you been able to get counseling? Death is something that can be pretty hard to go through

  • @Canadian-guy I've tried counciling but all it does is make me feel frustrated but they act like they know what I'm going through and all it does is make me uncomfortable I've tried many times.

  • @James-C-137 that's fair I believe you but what about someone that you're close to like a grandma or uncle or teacher

  • @Canadian-guy don't have a grandmother man don't have any uncles my last i had was shot in a drive by in Sydney. Uncle Fred didn't deserve that but he was heavily involved with a lotta drug dealers and gang members. And talking to a teacher i would rather go back to counciling lmao but cheers for ur support none the less bud😅

  • you feel struggles in your life. so, forgot all things and start a new life

  • @pranay-kohli yep ok I'll pack my bags rn shall and click my fingers and all the pain,sorrow and regret will all jus fade away right...

  • @James-C-137 I'm always around if you need a proper adult to talk to that will listen

  • @Canadian-guy thanks for showing ur support bro leave an upvote to show u care i guess so i can get my story out there it's jus I'm so sick of all the pain being bottled up ya know

  • Henlo Gang

    U have gone thru so much ..it must have been really hard on u ..but don't give up ..hang in there n think positively ..I m sure things will change for better soon okay buddy ! :)

  • @James-C-137 yea not good bottling it up you need to talk so you can work through things

  • @James-C-137
    Just hold on mate! Just remember that you are still lucky to be on this Earth.

  • @Vaughn-Voyage Am i really tho...😅

  • @Sparkle52 Thank you soo much that means alot honestly 😊

  • @James-C-137 If your words are correct, it is very tragic and weird enough due to so many unlikely events of death. These events of so-many deaths and tragedies remind me of the life of the most influential human ever in history.

    Sorrow is just an emotion. So despite going through bad times, it is really possible for a person to be happy and not to be sad. You can do these things regularly to reduce negative emotions in your life and increase your well being:

    1. Regular physical exercise: Only 10-20 minutes a day is enough. Research shows that regular physical exercise can significantly decrease depression,fatigue and negative feelings and positively change the shape of the brain. Exercise also causes release of hormones that improve mood and increase well-being.

    I suggest you to perform full body HIIT no equipment exercises with only 2 sets of 10 minutes every day. For example, one day: Full lower body workout(at most 10 minutes) at the dawn and ab-workout(at most 10 minutes) at noon. The next day: biceps and full back workout at dawn(at most 10 minutes) and push ups(for chest,shoulders and triceps) at noon(at most 10 minutes). And then like the first day… Keep on repeating this pattern regularly.

    For more info: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/10-benefits-of-exercise

    1. Practising "mindfulness" everyday.
    • Close your eyes
    • Breathe normally
    • Focus completely on the feelings of your breathing
    • Count the complete breaths
    • If your mind wanders, bring it back to the feelings of your breathing
    • Continue

    Researches show that this practice can significantly improve well-being,cognition and reduce negative emotions, depression. Brain-scans reveal that mindfulness reduce the activity of the right side of Amygdala(a part of brain),which is responsible for processing negative emotions and also decrease its size. Even only 10 minutes of mindfulness will can have a great impact.

    I personally suggest you to practise 6-7 sets(or even more if you want) of mindfulness everyday; each set of 4-5 minutes only. Otherwise, it may get too boring.

    For more info:



    1. Religious belief and prayer: Research shows that religion and prayer activate the same reward-processing brain circuits as sex, drugs, and other addictive activities along with many other positive effects on the mind. Religious belief helps people to build resilience. It helps people to numb the pain of living in this world. The more organized a religion is, the better it is.

    So I suggest you to join an organized world religion and pray regularly.

  • @Masih i do all those exercises lmao i do 60 pushups everyday and 200 situps. Also i do pray. I pray to a god i don't believe in everyday this feels more copy and pasted then anything I've seen here

  • @James-C-137 Yes. I made similar posts before

  • @James-C-137 Many people claim that these work for them:

    Listen to these everyday while working/doing other works. Once these binaural beats worked for me.

    i do all those exercises lmao i do 60 pushups everyday and 200 situps.

    It is better to give rest to a group of muscles for a day to recover. Sit ups are comparatively much less effective than other exercises. And allocating more than 10 minutes a day for ab-muscles are waste of time. Shorter duration and higher intensity is more effective.
    Try these instead of sit ups:

    Also i do pray. I pray to a god i don't believe in

    If you don't believe, it isn't supposed to work. Believing is more important than praying. A god definitely exists and you will find out if you keep on learning and knowing. From my personal experience, religion and prayer will have a surprisingly positive impact on mind if you strongly believe in it. You can develop a strong belief if you get strong-enough evidence/reasons to believe..and you will find out if you keep learning enough.

  • @James-C-137 said in My shitty life in a nutshell:

    @Vaughn-Voyage Am i really tho...😅

    Yeah mate. Being able to breathe and walk and talk and do things that other people can't even do. So, yeah, you're lucky! :wink:

  • @James-C-137 Please use punctuation people, my fucking brain explodes reading this lmao.664350D7-0DE3-4B40-BA93-7B22CD3413DF.gif