• past or present, my current list:

    he is dead now, but my uncle. stood up to my bullies, saved my life from a dad waving a gun, helped my mom, taught me how to treat a woman PROPERLY, and had a good heart

    chris martin (coldplay) i read about this guy and he is my man goal. once dated one of the cutest girls on the planet (gwyneth!) , keeps religion in focus, good dad, brilliant musician, and gives alot of his money and time to charities. all around good guy

    stevie wonder---born blind and never once raises fist at god about it. one of the most talented men on the planet. never makes it about him but those around him. wonderful friend to his circle. never felt sorry for himself, just went with it and became a genuis!

    3 is enough

  • @mikeJB my heroine is my mom.😁😁

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