The impact of Technology on the life of people

  • Technology is slowly becoming the most needed thing on Earth. Technology is the main mean of communication. For example, smartphones, telephones, etc. After the advent of Facebook, people who lived apart from each other, started communicating like doing video calls or simple texting.

    This is the same technology that played a vital role during COVID'19. Due to COVID'19, the situation was worse everywhere, and the all the schools, colleges were closed. So, there the concept of online classes started. The online classes system boosted up, as well as people started going towards more jobs related to work from homes.

    The IT field started to grow, and I think it is the only field where one can also work from home The freelancing or the online jobs should be the plan B of the people in case if any downsizing occurs.

    Meanwhile, on the other hand, we also felt lonely, because of no social gatherings, not meeting with friends, not going out with our families to any restaurant, etc because of COVID'19.

    The video game industry also boosted up. Now, more and more people are inclined towards buying a console like PS4 or building a gaming PC. And more people are starting their channels on Youtube or starting their work pages on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

    The conclusion is that indeed the technology is rapidly increasing, but loneliness is also increasing among people. I think people should discuss life with each other, discuss what are their hobbies? Are they fine? Because we dont know that the next person will be really fighting a life battle!

    That's all I can say, thank you for everyone who read my posts, to take out their time to read my article!. :blush:

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    @Tal9798 Wonderful innit. Yeah this has become the megalithic factor shaping the future in this post pandemic world but biggest credit goes to sectors like education, banking and telecommunication that have not only pioneered use of tech but also made great strides in terms of appeal and innovation.

  • @Cold-Sun Yup, that's absolutely true brother, technology has indeed made a great impact during COVID'19. Thanks alot for reading my post😊👍

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    @Tal9798 It's ok. You're speaking facts here. I read somewhere you said

    it's rapidly increasing, but loneliness is also increasing

    That is absolutely true coz it continues to pose serious challenges in the way people relate to each other but you suggested splendid ways forward like discussing life with each other, discussing hobbies which is good to cut over-dependence.

  • @Cold-Sun Thanks alot bro😊👍

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    @Tal9798 You making blush🤣🤣 come on don't mention..

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    @Tal9798 Nuuuu thank you for sharing..

  • @Cold-Sun you are most welcome 😊👍

  • Thanks for the good post, take note.

  • @Notend Thank you for reading my post😊👍

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    @Tal9798 cool article. However it is not like we will grow the impact of technology any further.
    We try to balance the thing between technology, human and environment. So, if you can come up with a better idea about technology correlation with how people can get their wealth / rich stage in simple way, it will be interesting topic i g :)

    So, keep writing!
    Good job

  • @A20 Yup you are right brother, will work on it, thank you for reading the article 😊😊👍

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