My son is in love with a

  • It was always normal for us that my son brings his friends in the house. Sometimes, his friends even spend the night and it was all okay with us. I mean, what could two guys do inside a room, right? They would probably just be playing some video games, watching some movies, and some may watch pornographical videos. That’s normal and I don’t really have a problem with that. That is way better than your son confessing he’s in love with a foreign guy. However, what happened to me was the latter instead of the former. Of course, it all came as a surprise to us. To be honest, I was even outraged. He came home for dinner one night with a foreign guy whom we happily invited for dinner thinking he was a friend of my son. When finner ended, he spilled out the beans that he is gay and the foreign guy is his boyfriend. All this time, we thought he is a man. I just can’t imagine how this happened.

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    I can see where your coming from with this... for a dad to find out his son is gay is no easy task .
    My son (now16) was always a little camp and I used to express that my boy is never batting for the other side. Now with me, that coming from someone that has many gay friends was a shock to both his mother and my friends....
    When it comes to it there isn’t much you can do. If you protest against it, get stressed about it that will just place a gap between you and your son.
    If you can, the only way forward is to express caring, concern and acceptance.... Even If You Can’t Do That YOU NEED TO KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.....
    The bottom line is , he is still your son, will always be your son and regardless of what end you should relish the face you have been bless with an heir to your kingdom.

  • you'll get used to it eventually and able to accept it wholeheartedly, he's your son no matter what. 🙂

  • That don’t seem to easy to deal with

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    @willdavis it will take time to adjust but you will be able to accept and be happy for your son. It's not easy, that's for sure.

  • @willdavis Best advice I can give is to leave him be, and let him love who he does. I get that it may be hard processing that he is gay, but he is still the same boy you raised. Only difference is he likes the same gender. There is a small change, yes, but he is still the same boy at heart. I'm not a parent myself, but many of my friends have had un-accepting parents and in the long run it ruined them. So, if you love your son, try to accept it. If you can't, well... atleast try to hide it. Don't treat him any different than how you did before.

  • @willdavis Man, take it easy on yourself and your son. Talk with him, try to understand him and his desires. That situation can be fucked up. I'm only 23 y old but if I had a gay son I'd try to talk and reason with him. Remember that sexual orientation does not represent everything one human has to offer. You are probably more experienced when it comes to other fields in life than me, but I can suggest you to let him be who he is, and don't let that sexual orientation of his ruins your and his life. Ignore that, and try to teach him real manners that every male should have, teach him how to fight for things in life, how to be a noble human being, how to respect others and how to set goals in life, and you may notice how his sexual orientation does not really matter. What would I suggest to mine is to not dress and act like a woman because of his sex.orientation. I believe you can still enjoy spending time with him, and after all be happy that you have one who's not a criminal, or lying dead in a valley, or being "alpha male" who's suffering from narcotics and can't even pronounce his own name. Good luck bro.

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    Face palm

  • I understand your shook, but it's your son's life. He love men and it's not his blame. The only you can do now is just be happy your son find his love, because it's not so easy for a gay man. I don't see anything terrible in that.

  • @willdavis shot him lol hhahahah

  • from what you have provided I have concluded that your son, whether consciously or unconsciously, has decided to rebel against the orthodox family structure. this means two things. 1: he feels as though he has been abandoned by his father. 2: he has given up a wholesome attitude towards the human experience and has thrown away his morals for a life of pure hedonism. Your son is a homosexual either because he hasn't been taught how to act like a man, or he has been taught by outside forces (internet, television, school) that masculinity is a representation of the orthodoxy he resents. I'm just a drunk despondent bigot, but i think the best option is to teach your son what it means to be a man(sacrifice, resilience, willpower. You can do this by showing him the benefit of hard work, manual labor perhaps, and rewarding him for acting according to this principle) Teach him that hedonism does lead to happiness in the short term, but will not lead to happiness in the long term.

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    P.S. I didn't read anything you said but If the foreign man is trustworthy let the son date him and do whatever he wants with him as long as it's most likely safe

  • @willdavis lot of people give you Thier bull.. as suggestion what you should do ?how to do? when? Why ? ? all in details .. nothing will make sense for you for this moment.. until you accept it as it is with out likes and dislikes.. that's he is your son and he loves you and you love him too without any label as gay !! Just ask few questions with yourself may be some sense ?? Its a choice made by each individual yeah that's what people fight and sacrificed to live for freedom to make free will and choice,also to know and understand given choices to choose so universal love unconditional love!!
    All your life you sacrificed your happiness and the self to keep him happy and protected.. ask yourself why ? for what ? with whom you are angry ?just because he is happy to be gay!! Now is it make sense to get mad at him when he is happy and content about his sexuality!! lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 can't stop it !! Truth is you are not able to accept it,hard bitter truth for yourself .. you have too much, male ego want to force your old failed idea of your surroundings to your son as ideal society productive being!! Now I am Sure you didn't even knew he will be born as your son, you just had sex fun time with you partner, tell me now were you thinking in this way while having sex that, come on baby oh yeah baby I am arriving inside you we create one of our son 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Damm you, he chose himself to be a human consciously or unconsciously!!
    gay means no balls or not a man ,what is it for you?? a poor ignorant fellow isn't it ??

  • Thank god he is not in love with cow or dog ?? For me that's also okie what can I say free will with Consciousness and being aware of it what he doing!! so let it be .. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣untill cow or dog registered a complaint about sexually harassed by humans ??

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