• I don't know what to do. I chatted with her about 6 months ago on Skype, and told her I was having dreams about her. She then told my wife, and that was some drama for a couple of months. We saw each other last month, and mended fences, so to speak, but she thinks I said what I said becausue it was a slip up, or lust, or whatever. The truth is, I'm pretty completely in love with her, and I'd leave her sister to make it happen. It's freaking me the fuck out, because I still love my wife, but I can't deny that when I'm near her, talking to her, giving her a hug hello, I feel so much more heat and love. I can't keep pursuing this without risking a divorce, and I don't think my wife's sister will be with me even if I did.

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    @knownsense Huh....now this is insane😂😂

  • @james7th You are in love with your wife's sister then you should at least try to be in love with your wife's brother as well, since gays are by far the most persecuted,unloved (and invalidated!) group in the world.

  • @AllAboutGay wonderful reply, Lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 one huge big hug to you!!

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    @james7th got it. Meaning she's also in love with her sister's husband. That download (2).jpeg. Invite me for the matrimony before you guys let us see those puppies

  • @Cold-Sun wonderful!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 was thinking Need to know her side of story your wife and her sister too , that becomes full situation of your problem the we all shall find a solution what ?how ?where ?why? exactly it is ?? counculling will do I guess ??

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    Woahhh dude

  • i know, right? i'm so fucking mad at myself.

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    @james7th First of all, you need to relax (I know you cant, but please try). You can't control falling in love with someone. There must be something that attracts you to your wife's sister. Try to distract yourself when your wife's sister is near. Take a break, and spend some good family time with your wife. This will increase your bond.

  • @Pepsigurl I hear you. And I do try to do that. We just have a lot in common so we find ourselves just chatting about random shit like movies, food, whatever, and it's those little moments where that spark is super-charged. Luckily, she doesn't live within driving distance, so I don't have to deal with it that much. But when she visits, I see her in robe coming out of the shower, taking a nap on my couch, and I want nothing more than to just snuggle. It feels good to at least admit it, though. :)

  • @james7th Strongly I suggest convert to Islam brother make them convert too.. all in the name of God you can legally have a 3 some plus god allows to do it, so ?? And if you fall in love with her mother you can marry her too , family reunion!!

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    Wife's sis:
    You really need to stop getting attracted to her. Whenever she comes, just make up an excuse to stay away frm her....the more close you are, the more you'll keep falling in love. Try to maintain a certain distance with her.
    Try to go on a vacay with with her...or a long drive....or even spending a day in a park/garden would do. Make her feel special in some way, like get up early in morning and prepare the breakfast for her.....or make a card for her. This way, she won't feel bad, and forget what ever happened.

  • that's just lust. perhaps you are just bored at the first place and starting to think of stuffs you are not supposed to.

  • @Pepsigurl Believe me I try. And the thing is, I am still totally attracted to and in love with my wife (in a very different way). We still have sex pretty regularly (maybe TMI, but trying to give context), and it's good. But her sister is just something else entirely. Completely different energy. Thought it was lust but it's been 10 years and I just feel more into her, which is why I'm saying I'm in love.

  • @sunwukong I don't think so. I wish. That would be easy to deal with. But there's some deep feelings there.

  • @james7th 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 abosutely I do agree for you, in love with good vibrant lovley energised pussy a mussy warm pink hole.. do not know to name a relationship, do not know how to maintain it also where to draw line !! So you need to work on it until then keep dreaming about her with all fantasy clothing ..

  • @james7th some times people mistaken lust as love.

  • @Pepsigurl r u married ?? Or r u la la doctor and who talk to people who are la la in the head ?? Spread and feed Bull from cut, copy, paste knowledge, Aren't ??

  • @james7th divorce ur wife nd go to her

  • @genesisiossss I fantasize about that all the time, but I think she would end up feeling bad for her sister and end things with me, even if they were good.

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