• My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost a year. We met through an international dating blog. I was so desperate to find the love of my life that I signed up to different dating blogs. I was glad I did, though. If not, I won’t get to know my girlfriend. It took us 7 months before she got to introduce me to her family. Her whole family is living abroad, so I understand. Her family is very elite and I did not expect it. Every time I’m in their house, it feels like I don’t belong. Her mother doesn’t like me for her daughter. I’m just a simple man. Her daughter is living a luxurious life which is very opposite to mine. Her mom wanted us to break up. I was thinking about it too because I care for her future but I know I cannot do it. Should I listen to my heart or do what her mother wants?

  • @sadbf789 I think that if you two are both grown and have a good promising relationship despite the families opinions, and your girlfriend loves you enough to stay that it shouldn't matter whether or not the mother dislikes you. If it doesn't work out because of her than you would have to move on and find you a simple women with a simple family❤

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