I am about to get married to a woman I do not actually love.

  • I have been together with her for 7 years. We lived under one roof and actually have gotten used to each other. But I do not want to get married to her. Don’t get me wrong, I did love her all these years but right now, I just know that I’m in love with someone else. I was assigned in Thailand for 2 years and before I left, I proposed to her and promised to marry her when I get back. I was so sure that I loved her at that time but after a year in Thailand, everything just changed. With the work I have, it is inevitable that I meet all sorts of people and yes, I have met a lot of Thai ladies and one got my attention in particular. She is dazzling and well-educated. We gotten along so well that I fell for her and forgot that I have a fiancé back at home. We dated and I couldn’t tell her about the real situation. While I was away, my fiancé was preparing for the wedding herself. She wanted to save me the trouble of the preparation. Two days from now, I will be married to her but here I am thinking of the woman I love from Thailand. I am completely torn and confused.

  • Dude, I really need an advice from you guys because my mind and heart now is in trouble and I don't know what to do now.. Please help!!!

  • @indoubtbf Falling out of love is natural and common in a long-term relationship. Dude 7 years, that's long. You think it's worth to waste that and choose that girl you just met? How about you should try first to bring the sparks back. I mean, think deeply and remember those moments that you were so in love with your fiance. Why in the first place did you fall for her?

  • What the hell, Anyone please explain me why people here always talk about Thai , Filipino ladies for marriage.

  • You're selfish man, you should have finished the other relationship before stepping into the new one. Tell your fiance the truth rather than comfort her with lies because you won't be happy in the long run if you continue your relationship. This is just painful to both ladies because you overlap the relationship, I wonder what would you do if you're in their situation.

  • But like above all , I guess, you should do what your heart says man , if you are confident that you won't be happy with your fiancee , don't go through with it ... You will probably regret it in the longer run ... But what do I know I'm only 19 lol

  • Before you jump into another relationship you should finish the other one. If you fall out of love to your fiance just tell her don't be too selfish. you should think of what she feels, it's not easy to be betrayed. don't do that again to your new one please. be contented to your girl.

  • @indoubtbf : Everything is all set for your wedding,and the final day is near to come..As of now your are use to lies,and the truth confuse you a lot..
    So I advice you to set a goal and have a healthy mindset,dont be greedy enough just to think of your ownself..

  • @indoubtbf Just fess up to both. Things will then become more clear.

  • If you don’t love her,don’t string her along and definitely don’t marry her. Shame on you! How would you feel if she did this to you? Sounds to me like you should leave marriage alone until you’re able to handle that type of commitment.

  • @indoubtbf Last online here about a year ago. Guess you must have gone through with it after all. Either that or you went underground, changed your identity, went off the Grid, moved out of the country, only to never be seen or heard from again.

  • @indoubtbf
    guess u got married already.. or maybe not. but I really wanna know what happen after 2 days ..

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    @inseekayumi31 I agree. It will be better if you work on ur current relationship rather than falling into another.

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